Restaurants Schedule Staff On-The-Go with Mobile Apps and Text Messaging

When I Work
recently rolled out an exciting update to their mobile app which allows managers to adjust their schedules wherever and whenever. Since sitting at a computer is a rare convenience for food service managers, necessary schedule changes tend to be pushed aside or forgotten. The new mobile app challenges this pattern, because in an industry that is constantly moving and adapting, scheduling can’t happen exclusively while sitting down.

When I Work already helps managers take advantage of mobility and keep tabs on their schedules via text message alerts and mobile apps that allow schedule viewing, but this month we’ve taken accessibility a step further by giving managers the ability to add shifts on the fly. The updated free iPhone and Android apps give managers the option to add, publish and unpublish shifts anytime and anywhere.

Picture this: You get a call from a large local business asking if you can fit in a reservation for a dinner party for 50 of their employees that night. You check your reservations, decide you can make it work, and run out to purchase additional supplies. With the new mobile app, you can publish open shifts for the evening as you are running errands. Your staff gets an email and text message alerting them to the open shift and reply promptly with a “TAKE”. Both tasks are important to the success of your restaurant’s dinner shift, and both can be taken care of easily at the same time.

Discussions about the “Mobile Workforce” tend to highlight the mobile migration in the salaried world, largely because the greatest tool in these positions (email) has been a staple of mobile progress. While 78% of workers use their Smartphones to access their email, Smartphone use for an online schedule maker and management is just beginning to gain momentum. Since shift workers are inherently and literally mobile with their lives, there’s an opportunity for mobility to have the same effect, if not an even greater one, outside of office jobs.

Become part of the mobile workforce by signing up for a free 30 day trial of When I Work. If you’re already using When I Work, make sure to upgrade your iPhone or Android App to manage schedules on the go.

Restaurants Schedule Staff On-The-Go with Mobile Apps and Text Messaging