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Easily track employee attendance without the hassle. Employees clock in from their phone or fixed terminal, and you can export all the info quickly to your payroll system.
Plus, it's free forever up to 75 employees.

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Free Employee Time Clock for Busy Managers

  • Free time clock


    Paperless Punch Cards

    Clock-in, check-in, punch-in from either a cell phone or a fixed terminal, you can verify the time location of employee attendance when approving timesheets and processing payroll.
  • Clock in clock out Employee Reminder

    Clock Out Reminders

    Clock Out Reminders & Notifications

    The time clock app not only tracks time, but it also sends reminders and notifications when someone forgets to clock out.
  • Employee time clock app with location fence

    GPS Tracking

    Buddy Punching Prevention

    The When I Work Time Clock app helps you eliminate buddy punching by geofencing your workplace. Meaning, employees can only clock in with the app when they're actually at work.
  • Employee clock in clock out report

    Payroll Integration

    Payroll Accuracy & Integration

    Using different workforce management tools and juggling multiple employee timesheets is a waste of time. When I Work integrates with your payroll provider and the employee scheduling app. Bonus! You get streamlined, accurate data.

Clock In from a Fixed Terminal or a Mobile Device

clock into timeclock on mobile devices


Have a tablet at work where employees can clock in from


You choose if employees can clock in through their GPS-enabled device

Free Time Clock Software that Integrates with the Employee Schedule

Desktop view of When I Work Employee Scheduling Software
Desktop view of When I Work Time Clock Software
Desktop view of When I Work Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling App

  • Create and publish the schedule
  • Use Open Shifts to fill time slots
  • Approve time off requests
  • Track payroll and expense budgets
  • Monitor the whole schedule
  • Communicate with staff in 1:1 or group messages
Desktop view of When I Work Time Clock Software

Employee Time Clock App

  • Employee attendance tracking
  • Simplify the payroll process
  • Accurately process payroll
  • Clock in / clock out notifications
  • No more buddy clocking
  • Track tardiness trends

Start Tracking Time Free

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When I Work Time Tracking

With When I Work’s free time clock app, your staff can clock in and out of shifts from their mobile phones or a time clock terminal like a tablet, making it easy for you to keep track of hours worked. You can officially say goodbye to pricey equipment and paper time cards.

The time clock app goes beyond just clocking in and out, because when someone doesn’t show up for a shift, you need to know about it. In fact, when the scheduling and attendance software are used together, When I Work will make sure employees don’t clock in early. If they’re late or forget to clock out, both the manager and employee are notified with a mobile alert. You can also get mobile alerts if employees clock in at the wrong job site by using the built-in GPS location services.

When you’re ready to process payroll, you can review your team’s timesheets, approve and finalize with the simple click of a button. After you’ve finalized payroll, you can export to Excel or one of our payroll partners like Gusto, Quickbooks or ADP for instant processing. We’ve made the process super easy, so you can focus less on keeping track of employee hours and more on running an awesome business. Also get mobile alerts if employees clock in at the wrong job site by using the built-in GPS location services.

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