A time clock that tracks what matters—on and off shift.

Online time clock app with GPS for accurate clocking in and clocking out across devices. Save time tracking employee hours with our easy-to-use time clock software.

Track attendance, breaks, and time off with ease.

Control costs with pay rules and schedule integration.

Turn any device into an employee time clock.


Processing payroll can be easier and more reliable.

Export employee timesheets and process payroll quickly with integrations to your favorite payroll provider.

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When I Work


No more paper time cards. No expensive hardware. Complete mobile management.

Explore how you can manage labor costs and reduce overtime—right from your phone.

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Control Labor Cost
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Shoot, probably going into overtime so I can’t pick up this shift.
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Looks like Ben is going into overtime. I’ll assign this shift to Autumn instead.
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Score! My request for more hours got approved.
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Time Clock App for Any Device

Turn any device into a secure, fully integrated employee time clock.

Create an employee time clock on your iPad, computer, or mobile device. Your remote/off-site workers can clock in and out from their devices, and you’ll receive their attendance data right away. You can save time on time clock management and save money on devices. Give your employees autonomy to manage their clock ins and clock outs right on their phone and help them save time to get out on the floor faster.

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Lindsay LaFoy

Miss Mixology

Customer since 2015

Rave reviews for our time clock app

Reliable time tracking. Hassle-free attendance management.

Digital timesheets, payroll integrations, and labor reporting help you manage your budgets and get back to business. Customers have reported seeing savings as large as:


Decrease in labor costs


Time saved scheduling


Reduction in employee no-shows

Time clock and scheduling Apps

A powerful duo. An integrated time clock and work schedule.

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When I Work scheduling

Control Labor Costs

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Manage labor costs in real-time with labor distribution reports. See where your worked labor cost was spent and find out where your labor budget is being allocated. You can break it down by position, schedule, and job site.

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Employee time clock app

A time clock that makes payroll easy and controls labor costs.

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"When I Work makes payroll much simpler and saves me about $200 every month on overtime labor costs." - Wheelhouse Cycle Club, Customer since 2016

Online time clock with gps clock in

Easy attendance management that gives you full control with real-time visibility.

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Employee Time Tracking Software For Any Industry

Built for teams of any size

Workplaces across a wide range of industries rely on When I Work for employee scheduling, time tracking, and team communication. Built for teams of any size

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Interested in other industries?


    Communicate, schedule, and track attendance—all in one place.


    Communicate Better

    Connect with everyone across any shift or any department.

    Explore Messaging


    Schedule Shifts

    Create your work schedule in minutes and share it with your team.

    Explore Scheduling


    Track Attendance

    Integrate your schedule with the time clock and reduce labor costs.