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It’s More Than Just Clocking-in and Clocking-out

  • Free time clock

    Online Time Clock

    Pitch the Punch Cards
    Employees can clock-in from their phone with the employee time clock app or a fixed terminal. You can verify their exact time and location when you are reviewing timesheets.
  • Clock in clock out Employee Reminder

    Clock Out Reminders

    No More Forgetting to Clock-out
    The employee time tracking app notifies employees and managers if an employee forgets to clock out.
  • Employee time clock app with location fence

    GPS Tracking

    Eliminate Buddy Punching
    Geofencing your workplace means employees can only clock in with the app when they are actually at work.
  • Employee clock in clock out report

    Payroll Integration

    Be Confident in Payroll Accuracy
    Connect your staff time clock to your payroll provider to always have accurate pay.

Clock-in from a Fixed Terminal or a Mobile Device


Have a tablet at work where employees can clock-in from


You choose if employees can clock-in through their GPS-enabled device

Time Clock Software that Integrates with the Employee Schedule

Desktop view of When I Work Employee Scheduling Software
Desktop view of When I Work Time Clock Software
Desktop view of When I Work Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling App

  • Create and publish the schedule
  • Use Open Shifts to fill time slots
  • Approve time off requests
  • Track payroll and expense budgets
  • Monitor the whole schedule
  • Communicate with staff in 1:1 or group messages
Desktop view of When I Work Time Clock Software

Employee Time Clock App

  • Employee attendance tracking
  • Simplify the payroll process
  • Accurately process payroll
  • Clock in / clock out notifications
  • No more buddy clocking
  • Track tardiness trends

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