One simple app for employee communication

The team communication app for a connected workplace. Bring all team communication onto one secure platform, available on the web and mobile.

Reach your entire team with a single message.

Send 1:1 messages or start group chats.

Protect privacy without sharing phone numbers.

Secure Team Communication App

Secure team messaging app for your workplace.

Bring all team communication under one private and secure roof. Keep your team updated in real time and never worry about giving out personal phone numbers again. You’ll know who’s read your updates and who needs to be contacted again. All work communication stays in the app that’s dedicated to work, so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost. Eliminate worries about leaving someone off the group chat or email chain.

Unmatched support for your whole business

Get unparalleled customer support from our in-house dedicated experts. You’ll get personalized solutions from people who understand your business deeply.

You can expect:

  • Award-winning customer support for personalized service
  • Lightning fast chat response timess
  • Specialists who understand your shift-based workplace needs
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Ashley Feemster

Bobbi + Bricka


Desktop & Mobile Team Messaging

Connect with everyone across any shift or any department.

Communication between managers and employees doesn’t need to be messy or difficult. The Team Messaging App from When I Work helps you ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page at all times, no matter where they are.


Keep your team informed, engaged, and productive.

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"When I Work saves me 20 hours a week. It has been outstanding at helping our team communication." - Miss Mixology, Customer since 2015

Secure & accessible app

Easy team communication all in one place.

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Process payroll in a single click

Get real-time payroll processing and say goodbye to syncing and importing. You’ll be able to run payroll faster and see your true labor costs at all times.

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Team Messaging App Reviews

Join more than 150,000 workplaces running on When I Work

When I Work is rated four and a half out of five stars by our customers on  Capterra.

Pretty fantastic time saver

Villainous J

User friendly...straight forward and customizable all the things you need from a scheduling app.

Best App for Restaurant Scheduling


All communications, scheduling, swap, requests...all on the same app. You can even see everyone one the shift.

???? Love it!!


It really helped me keep track of when I worked and also helped me keep in touch with coworkers.



I want to recommend this to every place I’ll ever work!!!

Convenient and easy

Michael Hearn

In my 34 years of working in the service industry and watching technology grow, this is a very convenient and easy way for a team to coordinate.

Stress free!

Christina B

This app is definitely Stress Free! Coming from downloading calendars and typing in employees names, this is so convenient compared to the old school pen and Calendar!!!

Great app not just for scheduling!

Long Island Bro

Communication with my staff has been way more efficient and my labor cost is clear to see as I am making the schedule. I recommend this for any business trying to scale, simplify payroll cost and employee scheduling.

Love it

Elizabeth Rogers

Love it.. it shows when I work my hours and who's on schedule with me. Its quick and convenient.

Employee Opinion

Jordon Sabo

As an employee this app works fantastic. The notifications are in real time, the work chat is easy to manage, and the shift alerts are beneficial to my busy schedule. Would recommend for any company!



Thank you for creating an excellent app to help manage work schedules! I love that I can offer a shift and the first people to respond automatically take the shift for however many positions I have set up.

So Easy So Efficient


I have been using When I Work for years now across many different brands and industries. I absolutely love how easy it is to use, how economical and efficient it makes scheduling.

Great Vibe


It has all the necessities to fuel a good work environment. Everyone at work is connected and not so irrational. I love this app and I recommend it to all of you whose workplace invites the workapp idea.

Unbelievable piece of software

Dean Malkani

Unbelievable piece of software that I've been looking for as a manager for years. The UI is glorious across browser and mobile app.

Great for employees


I’m an employee for a concession stand with varying hours and locations and it works really well to show me both the different locations and the hours for each. Would 100% recommend

Modern Scheduling App

Kaley Lariviere

Really modern way to have a schedule, makes communicating with coworkers easier!

Easy, convenient

Life nurse

I have my schedule with me at all time. Able to communicate with my coworkers and swap shifts. Get immediate notification of available shift.


Communicate, schedule, and track time—all in one place.


Communicate Better

Connect with everyone across any shift or any department.


Schedule Shifts

Create your work schedule in minutes and share it with your team.

Explore Scheduling


Track Attendance

Integrate your schedule with the time clock and reduce labor costs.

Explore Attendance


Pay workers

Run payroll with a single click—no syncing or importing needed.

Explore Payroll