Team Messaging Features

The easiest way to message and collaborate in real-time with individuals, groups, or your entire team all at once.

Web and Mobile

Keep Everyone Up-to-Date

If you’ve ever texted, IM’d, or messaged someone before, you know how to use When I Work Team Messaging. Type a message, snap a photo, or attach a picture, and send it to your team members. They’ll get notified instantly no matter where they are.

team messaging software for workforce manaegement of employee scheduling

No Training Needed

Get up and running and start chatting with your team in seconds.

Web and Mobile

Access and send messages from your laptop or smartphone.

24/7 Access

Get 24/7 access to messaging threads and communicate from anywhere.

Mass Messages

Save time by only having to send out one message to your entire team.

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Team Communication All In One Place

Real-Time Messaging from Anywhere

Send and receive messages in real-time on any device. When I Work makes it simple and fast to connect with all your workers no matter when and where they are working.

Chat, Text, or Email

Boost accountability by communicating with employees through chat, text messages, or emails.

1:1 or Group

Send private messages to one individual or to an entire group of people. Delete chats at anytime.

Activity Notifications

Get notified instantly whenever you receive a new piece of communication from an employee.

Simplify Messaging

Bring Team Communication Into One Convenient Channel

Never worry about having to pick up the phone, post in a Facebook group, or send text after text when you need to communicate with your employees. Feel confident that the messages you send are private, secure, and only being sent to and seen by the right people.

One Channel for All Communication

Messages can be privately sent to an individual, a select group, or your entire team.

Delete Chats

Chat threads can be reviewed and message archives can be deleted at anytime.

Private Access

Employees must be invited to join a workplace in order to access chat threads.

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