Top 10 Manufacturing Payroll Software in 2024

Manufacturing is a multi-faceted industry in which many business owners must manage different locations and employee types simultaneously, while maintaining high accuracy and compliance levels. Manufacturing payroll software helps to simplify that process.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect manufacturing payroll platform, keep these key points in mind:

  • Multiple locations require automated multi-jurisdiction compliance features
  • Multi-platform integration supports increased compliance and data consistency
  • Save time by going with a platform that includes time clock and scheduling features
  • Real-time data updates help you track labor costs and keep them in check
  • Messaging and self-service features help create an exceptional employee experience

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Benefits and features to look for in manufacturing payroll software

With so many manufacturing payroll options on the market, knowing which one to choose can be hard. Consider the following features when making your final decision.

Multi-location support

You must maintain payroll compliance in every jurisdiction if your manufacturing operation spans multiple cities or states. Choose a software platform that offers multi-location support, including automatic overtime calculations to help you maintain good standing.

Integration capabilities

In a busy industry like manufacturing, it’s easy for data to get lost in multiple platforms. Select software that integrates with your accounting platform to help maintain data accuracy and consistency.

Extra features

Bonus features like a time clock, messaging, employee scheduling, and timesheet integration ensure accurate calculations and help you track labor costs. They can also save you a lot of time.

Manufacturing payroll software comparison table

Here’s an overview of the leading manufacturing payroll software platforms.

SoftwarePricingFeatures and BenefitsSupport
When I WorkStarting at $2.50/user/month• Save time with single-click payroll
• No timesheet uploading or syncing
• Flat-fee pricing structure
• Real-time labor cost data updates for improved decision-making
• W2 reporting
• Multi-location support
• Auto-blended overtime to maintain accuracy and compliance
• Tickets
• Live chat
RipplingStarting at $8/user/month• Global payroll
• HR data sync for automatic calculations and tax filing
• Employee self-service app
• Customizable reports
• Tickets
• Live chat
• On-demand videos
GustoStarting at $40/month + $6/user/month• Unlimited payroll runs in 120 countries 
• Automatic calculations and tax filing
• Employee self-service app with wallet and pay card
• Accounting software integrations
• Email
• Live chat
• Phone
QuickBooksStarting at $22.50/month + $6/employee/month• HR data sync
• Same-day direct deposit
• Automatic tax filing and tax penalty protection
• Employee self-service workforce app
• Live chat
• Phone (callback)
• Resource center
• User community
TallyPrimeStarting at $80.39/3 months + $14.46 goods and services tax for single-user desktop version• Predefined workflows for automated payroll
• Multiple employee grouping to pay all similarly paid employees at once
• Flexible attendance types for accurate PTO
• Compliance management
• Wide range of report types
• Phone
• Email
• Learning hub
Papaya GlobalStarting at $15/user/month for enterprises with 1,000+ employees• Multiple integrations help you sync HR data across tech stack
• Global payroll and compliance across 160+ countries
• Run payroll and payments from the same platform
• Employee experience mobile app
• Phone
• Live chat
• Knowledge library
NamelyStarting at $9/employee/ month• Unlimited payroll runs
• Payroll wizard for 3-step processing
• Employee self-service portal with integrated time tracking
• Integration with other HR features and data
• Phone
• Tickets/cases
• Webinars and FAQs
Patriot$17/month + $4/employee/month• Unlimited payroll runs
• 3-step payroll process
• Free direct deposit
• Change pay rates on the fly
• Employee self-service portal
• Phone
• Live chat
• Email
PaylocityContact vendor• Global payroll across 100+ countries
• Central payroll dashboard
• Multi-platform integration
• Geolocation-based compliance
• Employee access to earned wages
• Phone
• Email
• Resource library
NetchexContact vendor• Integrated functions and features
• Pay multiple employee types in the same run
• Automated tax filing and reporting
• Multiple pay options, including pay card
• Phone
• Live chat
• Tickets

Top 10 manufacturing payroll software

In an industry with many moving parts, manufacturing business owners and HR professionals need robust tools that ensure speed without sacrificing accuracy. Here’s an in-depth comparison of manufacturing payroll software options to help you make the best choice for your organization.

1. When I Work

Rating: 4.3/5 (G2)

  • One-click payroll
  • No uploading or syncing of timesheets
  • Multi-location support
  • Labor cost data and insights
  • QuickBooks integration

Manufacturers often have operations in multiple states and employees at varying overtime pay rates. As a full-service payroll software, When I Work provides robust multi-location support and auto-blended overtime to ensure accuracy and compliance. 

Additionally, When I Work helps you stay in line with budgeting requirements with real-time labor cost data and insights. And with the When I Work employee scheduling platform and team messaging feature, you can ensure that employees remain efficient and productive during work hours and adhere to their assigned schedules.

2. Rippling

  • HR data sync
  • Automatic calculations and tax filing
  • Employee self-service app

Rippling syncs all your HR and accounting data to guarantee error-free calculations and automatic tax filing. Despite these promises, users routinely report that calculations are sometimes wrong, so it’s critical to double-check before running payroll. The platform also provides the ability to build and share customized reports.

3. Gusto

  • Unlimited automatic payroll runs
  • Global payroll
  • Compliance management

Gusto offers unlimited payroll runs for 120 countries. However, some users report issues with automated calculations and tax filing. Employees can access and manage their information and money with a self-service app, pay card, and financial tools.

4. QuickBooks

  • Automated payroll and tax filing/payment
  • Tax penalty protection
  • Workforce app

Quickbooks Payroll offers automated payroll runs and same-day direct deposit. Auto-synced payroll data ensures accurate calculations, and automatic tax filing and payment help maintain compliance. QuickBooks also offers a workforce app that allows employees to access their financial information.

Note that When I Work payroll software features easy QuickBooks integration, allowing you to take advantage of the platform’s automatic calculations and efficient one-click payroll while ensuring data consistency.

5. TallyPrime

  • Multiple employee groups
  • Predefined processes for automated payroll
  • Wide range of reports and compliance management features

TallyPrime offers predefined workflows for running payroll, though many users describe the interface as clunky and outdated.

The employee grouping feature classifies workers by unique criteria, allowing you to pay out for multiple types of positions. Attendance types help ensure that PTO is paid accurately and generate returns, forms, statements, and reports for accounting and compliance.

6. Papaya Global

  • Sync HR data across your tech stack
  • Run payroll and payments from the same platform
  • Global compliance across 160-plus countries

Papaya Global offers compliant multi-country payroll processing in over 160 countries. It syncs HR and accounting data across multiple apps and then runs payroll and payments from the same platform.

Papaya also offers a dedicated employee mobile application to access pay stubs and attendance records. Many users have noted that they would like to see more from Papaya in terms of available features and automations.

7. Namely

  • Unlimited on- and off-cycle payroll runs
  • Three-step payroll wizard
  • Employee self-service portal with time tracking

While many find Namely’s UX hard to deal with, the company promises that users can complete unlimited payroll runs in three steps or less. You can also integrate payroll with Namely’s other HR features to access a complete set of HR data. An employee self-service portal lets workers clock in, track and swap shifts, and access pay stubs.

8. Patriot

  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Three-step payroll completion
  • Employee self-service portal

Patriot allows free two- or four-day direct deposit and unlimited payroll runs completed in three steps. The software allows you to pay different employee types with various pay frequencies and change pay rates on the fly. It also provides an employee self-service portal to access W2s, time-off balances, and paystubs, though many say it’s difficult to use.

9. Paylocity

  • Global payroll across 100-plus countries
  • Earned wage access

Paylocity offers global payroll processing across more than 100 countries with automated calculations and geolocation-based compliance. The platform integrates with other accounting and HR data platforms and provides a central dashboard to check data before processing. 

Although human support is available, reviews indicate that the system has serious technical issues, making it error-prone.

10. Netchex

  • Integrated features and functions
  • Automated tax filing
  • Pay multiple types of employees in each run

Netchex offers fully integrated payroll software with flexible pay options and automated tax filing. The platform combines multiple features, such as attendance tracking and benefits administration, to ensure data consistency and accuracy.

Netchex allows you to pay salaried, contract, and part-time employees in the same payroll run and offers multiple pay options, such as a pay card, direct deposit, and paper checks.

Make manufacturing payroll processing easier with When I Work

Compared to other platforms, When I Work offers a more robust and streamlined set of features that simplify various payroll procedures. The platform can help you increase your compliance without sacrificing efficiency.

Sign up for a free trial today and learn more about how When I Work can transform your manufacturing payroll and help your business become more productive.

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