100% Free Time Card Calculator

About the Time Card Calculator

A basic time card simply records the start and stop times through an employee’s work day. Think of a mechanical punch clock marking the time on the card. Maybe employees are writing time down themselves. 

A timesheet reveals the total calculated time for a week or pay period. Depending on the work agreement, employees may include or exclude time spent on break or lunch, or calculate overtime. It also acts as an attendance sheet of sorts, and provides a whole summation of the time card activity.

That’s where a time card calculator comes in. It turns (or merges) time cards into timesheets, with a bit more automation to the process.

Maybe you work as a freelancer and want to provide clients with a timesheet for billable hours.

Maybe you’re in the payroll department and want something easier to work from than raw time cards to reduce the chance for error.

Maybe you’re a business owner looking for something better than creating a timesheet calculator on your own in Excel using your own formulas, or available free employee timesheet templates,

Maybe you’re simply looking for increased efficiency and want something better than what you’re using now.

If that’s you, our free time card calculator is what you should switch to. It’s efficient, and ready for daily use. Here’s how to do it:

Track Employee Time with When I Work

The reasons to use an employee time clock—save time, more fair, attendance issues, payroll accuracy— made switching to one a no-brainer for most business owners. But are you still stuck there?

The reasons to move to an automated time clock system are just as strong. 

With the work hours calculator, there is still a manual component. Manual means error or fraud can sneak in, and when you’re dealing with payroll, you don’t have any wiggle room.

The sweet spot of efficiency and accuracy happens when you connect time tracking to your payroll system. With our Time Clock and Attendance software, you can do that easily.

We’ve connected the scheduling platform with the time clock, and given you three different types of time clocks (terminal, mobile app, computer) to choose from based on what your employees need. 

The timesheets grab the employee hours the time clock generates. You can easily review and edit the timesheets (even allowing employees to do so) to get them where they need to be. Then, you simply close the pay period and export the information to one of several integrated payroll providers.

Within that, you get a time tracker with a dashboard so you can get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening with employee work hours.

A fully automated system like this is much better than a calculator. 

Even better, you can get started right now, for free, to see how it can revolutionize how you’re tracking employee time.