Employee Scheduling Software for Your Industry

When I Work was built to serve the employee scheduling and communication needs of workplaces across a wide range of industries. We make scheduling staff easy for coffee shops, restaurants, customer service departments, retail shops, colleges, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, and many, many other types of workplaces. If you have hourly employees, we can help make scheduling, communication, and collaboration easier for you and your team.

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Mobile Scheduling

Run your workplace from your pocket with free apps for iPhone & Android. Make changes and fill shifts in seconds.

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online schedule maker for mobile scheduling app on iPhone and Android

Approve employee shift trade requests from your mobile phone.

See the entire schedule, or see who's working right now.

Create Open Shift requests on the go so you can always make sure you have enough staff.

Employees get shift notifications so you always know when you work.

Employee Scheduling Software. Reinvented.

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Employee Scheduling Software - screenshot of the shift planning and workforce management staff scheduler for When I Work

Employee Time Clock

Get rid of old, clunky time clock machines and let your employees clock in from their smartphones instead. You can also set up fixed time clock terminals at your workplace using a dedicated iPad or computer. Our time clock syncs seamlessly with the work schedule, and you can export payroll into popular platforms like QuickBooks, ADP, and more.

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Mobile Time Clock

Put the schedule in everyone's pocket.

Schedule and communicate with your employees from your Android or iPhone for free. Your employees can request shift trades and time off.

Free Employee Scheduling Made Easy

Most managers spend an average of 8 hours per week or more on employee scheduling using programs like Excel, or even worse — a pencil and paper. Employee scheduling software can help you build your schedule for the week in as little as 15 minutes. When I Work is a free employee scheduling app that does more than just save you time on scheduling. It also helps you improve communication, eliminate excuses, boost accountability among your staff, track time and attendance, and grow your business.

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Messy Desk with iPhone

Build the Work Schedule in Minutes. Free forever for up to 75 Employees.

Spend Less Time Scheduling

    Simplify Swaps & Drops

  • Simplify Swaps & Drops

    So Long Stacks of Sticky Notes Let employees do the swapping. You just need to approve changes.
  • Share The Schedule

    Share The Schedule

    Push the Schedule Out No need to make employees come in to view the schedule. Push a button to send an update to everyone’s app.
  • What's Their Availability

    What's Their Availability

    Know Their Time Ahead of Time Make the schedule faster by having all employees availability in one place.
  • Shift Acknowledgement

    I didn't see the schedule

    Shift Acknowledgement

    No More “Didn’t See” Excuses Rest easy knowing that everyone saw the schedule and be notified when they do.
Setting up work schedule... Setting up employees & positions... Reducing headaches... Saving time and money... Retrieving schedule...

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