Run payroll in a single click

Say goodbye to syncing and importing timesheets

See your true labor costs at all times

Real-time payroll experience

Get real-time employee payroll processing to streamline your financial operations, achieve flawless efficiency, and turn payroll into a smooth, automated process.

Do more with When I Work Payroll:

  • No more waiting
  • No more time-consuming calculations
  • No more hours spent processing payroll

Real-time labor cost insights

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with our real-time insights feature.

  • Gain instant visibility into your employee payroll expenses
  • Optimize your financial resources
  • Plan for the  future effectively
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"It’s been great to have all of our scheduling and payroll information in one place. We don’t have to verify numbers in two places anymore—we’re able to verify and run payroll in 10 minutes now." -Tim Hogg, Tressia

Transparent pricing, no surprises

Enjoy clear, upfront pricing without unexpected charges. We commit to transparency so you can plan your finances with confidence.

  • No hidden fees
  • Transparent pricing models
  • No surprises or extra charges


Better payroll starts with a single user-friendly system

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app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
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The payroll software built with hourly teams in mind

Get started with When I Work Payroll for your team and see all the great things it can do.

PTO management and policies

Blended overtime automation

Quickbooks Online integration

Multi-state and location payroll support

Automatic W2 reporting

Cash requirements and payroll summary report

One click payroll, for real.

Finally, there’s a payroll app that’s always ready when you are. No importing timesheets, no estimations, no time-consuming edit process, and no syncing from other systems. Your payroll is always available and ready to run because it’s on the same platform as your time and attendance data.