13 Top Human Resources Bloggers You Need To Follow For Shift-Based Work Insights

In this article, you’ll explore the dynamic world of Human Resources through the lens of the top bloggers in the field. These thought leaders provide invaluable insights and tips that are especially relevant for those managing hourly work and shift-based teams, like those using When I Work. Whether you’re an HR professional or handle HR responsibilities as part of your managerial role, this guide is tailored to help you stay ahead in the ever-evolving realm of HR.

Key takeaways

  • Insights from industry leaders: Learn from the experiences and knowledge of top HR bloggers who have a significant impact on HR trends and practices.
  • HR strategies for hourly work: Discover HR tips and strategies specifically for managing shift-based teams.
  • Tech trends in HR: Stay updated with the latest HR technologies and tools that can streamline HR processes for shift-based workplaces.
  • Engagement and productivity tips: Improve employee engagement and productivity, crucial for businesses relying on hourly workers.

Table of contents

The old stereotype of the Human Resources department being full of busy-body old ladies is a thing of the past!  HR is an ever-evolving realm of business management that’s essential to companies large and small.  Not only do HR professionals have to stay on top of legal and technological developments in their fields, they have to constantly sharpen their marketing and talent management skills in order to stay ahead of the employment curve.

Thankfully, there are tons of different resources on the internet to help HR individuals keep up with the times and vent some steam. Some are more “traditional,” while others are more irreverent, but they’re all valuable weapons to have in your arsenal for one reason or another.

The following are 13 of the best HR blogs online today, presented in no particular order.  In them, you’ll find information, resources and support for fellow HR professionals, along with a healthy dose of comedy—who knew HR people could be so funny? Check them out:

Top 13 HR bloggers overview

The HR Capitalist (Run by Kris Dunn)

This blog was founded by the man behind Fistful of Talent (featured next)—an irreverent, but insightful young HR pro with a bone to pick.  Both blogs are geared towards jerking HR out of the dinosaur age and ramping up operations in order to keep them in-line with modern workplace trends, concerns and technologies.

Kris describes himself as the Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix and the former VP of People for DAXKO.  He carries a MAE in Education from UAB and a MPPM from Birmingham-Southern College, as well as over 10 years of real-world experience.  The HR Capitalist was founded in 2006 with the goal of “building a community [Kris] could learn from.”  Now, he’s a master, so check it out today!

Fistful of Talent (Run by Kris Dunn)

In addition to sharing general and specific insights and advancements in HR, Dunn also shares talent management and recruitment specific advice on his “other” blog, found at the link above.

HR Ringleader (Run by Trisha McFarlane)

Trisha is an HR Director and strategist, as well as a sought-after new media speaker and consultant.  She’s also co-founder of HREvolution and WomenOfHR.com.  In addition to being listed as one of the Top 100 Influencers in HR, Trisha is a prolific Tweeter who “demonstrates an astonishing combination of online networking, good grass roots organizational development, network finesse and working excellence in the profession.”

True Faith HR (Run by Dr. Matthew Stollak)

Stollack is a well-regarded, award-winning professor at St. Norbert College’s renowned HR program.  In addition to carrying around the 2007 Green Bay Area SHRM Member of the Year and 2006 SHRM National Advisor of the Year awards, he breathes enthusiasm into all of his students and carries that same excitement online on his blog.  Stollak specializes in human capital issues, but never lets his “book learning” get in the way of his friendly and open demeanor, making his site a fun and educational read for anyone who’s involved in HR issues.

Monster Thinking (Run by Eric Winegardner)

Winegardner is the VP of Client Adoption for Monster.com and listed as one of the Top 100 Influencers in HR.  He’s essentially “the public face of Monster.com” (at least, in the recruiting community) and makes his way around the country spreading the wisdom collected by one of the largest online recruitment and job search websites in the world.

Unlike previous (and future) blogs on this list, the blog isn’t solely the domain of Winegardner.  It’s a clearing house—a sort of melding of the minds—for HR professionals from all walks of life.  What it lacks in style and pizzazz, it more than makes up for with piles of information, data and insight.

Omega HR Solutions (Run by Mike Haberman)

Mike calls himself a Human Resources consultant and “all around curious guy,” as well as a blogger of HR observations, teacher, speaker, and advisor.  Haberman is a proud HR generalist (though he does focus on employment compliance and supervisory training) and offers a wide variety of advice, observations and critical insights on all aspects of HR life.  Haberman’s 13 years of experience are an excellent resource for small businesses and business owners alike.

TLNT (Run by various authors)

This blog is the top socially-shared HR blog on the internet, with over 50,000 “shares” on various social sites.  That makes it worth a look, even if you’d rather be reading sassy observations from witty HR veterans.  TLNT is the website to go to for “the business of HR.”  From the basics through advanced topics, TLNT deals with recruiting, legal needs, management training, benefits, technology, and more, with tons of archived info on pretty much any aspect of HR you could ask for.

The Cynical Girl (Run by Laurie Ruettimann)

This very irreverent (and funny) look at the word of HR through the eyes of someone who’s been in the business long enough to know better will make you cry with laughter.  Ruettimann is currently a columnist for The Conference Board Review, an advisor to SmartBrief and an active author with The New York Times, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, and CFO magazine (among others).  As the creator of the now-defunct PunkRockHR, Ruettimann is also the co-founder of HRM Today—the first social network for HR professionals.  Be aware, she may or may not have an obsession with cats that comes up on this blog.

Steve Boese’s HR Technology (Run by Steve Boese)

Steve Boese is currently on the product strategy team at Oracle and is a 15-year veteran of the HR world.  The name of his blog says it all—it’s one of the best online resources for info on up-and-coming HR tech.  Not to mention, it’s funny.  It’s also the official publication point of the HR Happy Hour Podcast, making it worth a look for HR specialists and generalists alike.

HR Bartender (Run by Sharlyn Lauby)

Sharlyn Lauby, an HR pro turned consultant, created HR Bartender to offer a friendly place for discussing workplace issues. Her blog blends personal anecdotes with professional advice, making complex HR topics accessible and engaging. Lauby’s unique perspective, especially on employee engagement and workplace culture, makes her blog a must-read for those managing hourly and shift-based teams. 

Ask a Manager (Run by Alison Green)

Alison Green’s blog, Ask a Manager, offers a candid and direct approach to tackling tough workplace questions. From handling difficult conversations to navigating the nuances of workplace etiquette, Green’s advice is invaluable for HR professionals and managers alike. Her practical, no-nonsense style is particularly helpful for those in shift-based work environments. 

Evil HR Lady (Run by Suzanne Lucas)

Suzanne Lucas, the mind behind Evil HR Lady, demystifies HR with her straightforward and often humorous approach. Her blog covers a wide range of topics, from recruitment strategies to handling workplace conflicts, making it a great resource for HR professionals in various industries, including those with hourly workers.

Workology (Run by Jessica Miller-Merrell)

Jessica Miller-Merrell’s Workology focuses on the intersection of HR technology and talent management. Her blog is a treasure trove of resources on how technology can enhance HR practices, particularly relevant for businesses managing shift-based teams. Miller-Merrell’s expertise in HR tech makes her blog an essential resource for those looking to modernize their HR operations.

These HR bloggers really are the cream of the crop, many with a decade or more of experience under their belts at some of the largest companies in the country.  No doubt you’ll find something that suits your fancy – whether you work in the field of HR yourself or simply handle HR responsibilities as part of your managerial role.

HR strategies for hourly and shift-based teams

Managing an hourly workforce presents unique challenges, from scheduling to maintaining high levels of employee engagement. The good news is that there are effective HR strategies tailored just for shift-based teams.

  • Flexible scheduling: Accommodate the dynamic needs of hourly workers to increase employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Effective communication: Explore tools and techniques for clear and efficient communication, crucial in a fast-paced, shift-based environment.
  • Employee well-being: Learn about the significance of focusing on the well-being of hourly workers, including strategies for managing work-life balance and reducing burnout.
  • Legal compliance: Stay informed about labor laws and regulations specific to hourly and shift-based work, ensuring your business remains compliant and fair.

Leveraging HR technology in shift-based work

In this digital age, leveraging technology in HR practices is not just an option; it’s a necessity, especially for businesses managing shift-based teams. These latest HR technologies can revolutionize the way you manage your hourly workforce.

  • Advanced scheduling tools: Discover how advanced scheduling tools, like When I Work, can streamline the process of managing shifts, ensuring efficiency and reducing scheduling conflicts.
  • Time tracking and payroll integration: Learn about the benefits of integrating time tracking with payroll systems to ensure accurate and timely compensation for hourly workers.
  • Employee self-service portals: Explore the advantages of employee self-service portals where workers can manage their schedules, request time off, and access important HR documents, fostering a sense of autonomy and engagement.
  • Data analytics for HR: Get insights into workforce trends, helping you make informed decisions about staffing, scheduling, and HR policies.

Enhancing employee engagement in hourly work

Employee engagement is a vital aspect of managing an hourly workforce. It’s about creating an environment where employees feel valued and are motivated to contribute their best. Recognizing individual contributions, offering opportunities for growth, and ensuring open communication are the keys to boosting engagement in shift-based workplaces. Encouraging team collaboration and providing feedback are also important. Understanding the unique motivators for hourly workers, such as flexible scheduling and acknowledgment of their efforts can help you create a more productive and positive work environment, leading to reduced turnover and increased employee satisfaction.


The HR landscape is always evolving. The insights from top HR bloggers, combined with effective strategies and technologies, can significantly enhance the way you manage your workforce. Remember, at the heart of successful HR management is the understanding and appreciation of your team’s unique needs. As you implement these strategies and embrace the right technologies, consider how tools like When I Work can seamlessly integrate into your HR practices, making the management of shift-based teams more efficient and effective. Sign up for your free 14-day trial of When I Work and experience firsthand how it can transform your HR operations.


Q: How can I improve employee retention in an hourly work environment?

A: Improving employee retention starts with understanding the unique needs and challenges of hourly workers. Offering flexible scheduling, competitive wages, and a positive work environment are key factors. Regularly seeking feedback and acting on it also shows employees that their opinions are valued, fostering loyalty.

Q: What are some effective ways to communicate with a shift-based team?

A: Effective communication with a shift-based team involves clarity, consistency, and accessibility. Using digital communication tools that allow for real-time updates and feedback can be highly effective. Also, ensuring that all team members are aware of changes and updates in a timely manner is crucial.

Q: How can technology improve HR management for shift-based teams?

A: Technology can streamline many aspects of HR management for shift-based teams. From scheduling software that allows for easy shift swaps to time tracking systems that integrate with payroll, technology can reduce administrative burdens and improve accuracy in record-keeping. It also enhances communication and provides employees with easy access to important information.

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