Who We Are

We create transformative, simple products that help hourly employees and managers work better together. We spend every day doting over how technology can empower the hourly workforce like nothing the world has ever seen.

Core Values

We are guided by these shared principles that shape all that we do.

Go Beyond

Exceeding expectations by 10x raises eyebrows. Exceeding expectations by 100x changes the world. Ensure every encounter with our people and products is memorable and helpful. Your actions speak louder than words. Pursue perfection and excellence in all you do.

Be Curious

Challenge one another to think deeper and question the status quo. Ask lots of questions, experiment often and use data to make gut decisions. Ask “why” and “what if”. Always be honing your craft and don’t be afraid to fail.

Value Artistry

Make the back as beautiful as the front. The form your work takes is as important as its function. Solve problems with fanatic attention to detail. We are passionate about how things work, not just what they do. How you get there is more important than getting there.

Be Dependable

In a quest for perfection, humility matters. Be proud, but not egotistical. We’re in this together and count on each other to succeed as a team. Do the right thing and behave with empathy and integrity. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and always be helpful.

Reduce Friction

Life and work have their share of stalemates and snags. Work to eliminate obstacles and roadblocks in all you create. Focus on simplicity, efficiency and always move forward.

Be Resourceful

Make lemonade. Leverage what you have to push the limits of where you want to go. Stretch dollars and technology to ensure you’re always making progress towards your best work.

Our Culture

When I Work is the perfect storm of passions and talents. We cultivate an entrepreneurial culture that inspires each of us to focus our skills and talents to help our customers spend less time working and more time living. We do our best work in an open atmosphere and are not tethered to a place or time. We revel in every success and failure, and care deeply about our company, our people and the products our customers love.

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Our Investors

Our investors share our vision in transforming how the hourly workforce gets things done.

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