Free Employee Timesheet Template for Excel

If you’re still having employees manually record their time on printed out timesheets and then manually entering that information into your payroll system, you’re wasting valuable time and energy.

Ideally, if you’re really interested in saving time and boosting productivity, you’d use an app like When I Work to build the work schedule, track employee time, and communicate with employees. If you’re not ready for that big of a change, start by ditching the paper timesheets for our new timesheet template. We’ve created a free employee timesheet template for Excel that allows your employees to clock in and clock out with a button.

Download the only free excel template for tracking employee time that lets your employees clock in and clock out, tracks employee breaks, and tracks overtime.

Free Employee Timesheet Template for Excel

When you have employees manually recording their time on paper timesheets, you then have to translate all of that information to your payroll system. This is a time consuming process with no shortage of human errors that can occur. Ultimately, any mistakes made during this process can effect your bottom line and your employee’s pay.

We designed this Free Employee Timesheet Template for Excel so your employees can accurately track their time and you can easily transfer that data to your payroll processing system.

Here’s how to use the free employee timesheet template for Excel:

Step 1: Start on the employees tab. Enter all of your employees’ names in list and it will translate across the workbook.

Step 2: When employees get to work they click on the day under their name and hit the “Clock in/Clock out” button. Then when they leave, they’ll do the same under the “clock out column”.

Step 3: They can also use this to clock in and clock out for breaks. Simply click the “Break clock out” cell and hit the button. Do the same to clock back in.

One final note: When you download the template you must click “Enable Macros” in order for the clock in and out button to work.

That’s it!

Employees time will be totaled on their timesheets that includes break time and overtime. On the second tab titled “Total hours per emp per week” you can see the weekly totals you need to enter into payroll.

From here you can save a copy of the workbook to maintain the time cards for your records, clear the times on the timesheets, and start again with a new week.

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