How to Get More People Into Your Clothing Store in 2014

Once the holiday shopping season starts to wind down, you’re going to probably start thinking about what you can do differently in 2014 to boost sales, improve customer satisfaction, and land new customers . In the following article, we’re outlining a few recommendations that you can consider using to help get more people into your clothing store in 2014.

Choose The Right Models

The models you use to advertise your clothing will say almost as much as the clothing itself. Choose models that fit the age, demographic, and type of person you envision to be your primary shopping audience. Choose models that look good in your clothing (this may seem obvious, but there is no type of clothing that looks good on absolutely everyone). People want to see that your clothing makes other people (preferably people like themselves) look attractive, cool, confidant, and put together. Convey that message in your models and watch how many more people walk into your store.

Spend More Time Paying Attention to Your Customer

Okay, so obviously you’re not marketing to only one person, but that doesn’t mean your customer shouldn’t feel like your clothes are made only for them the second they walk through the door. Assist your customers in choosing items that work for their body type and coloring. Help them find a different size if something doesn’t work for them and give them feedback and advice on the clothing when they are trying it on or trying to make a decision. These personal touches go a long way and can be the absolute decision-maker when they decide whether or not  they want to buy your clothing and come back again.

Evaluate and Update The Layout of Your Store

Organize your inventory in a way that makes things easier to find. Sort items by level of dressiness, by what goes well together, and by popularity. Create racks and shelves that appear organized and clean and try not to overstock the store or it becomes overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Feature items on mannequins to create ensembles that inspire your customers to purchase that additional piece they might not have thought of before. Clearly label each piece of clothing and sort by size so customers can easily find a style and size to match their needs. Display prices so they can make informed decisions. Move new items up front so they are easily visible from your store’s windows and door.

Be More Intentional About Sales

Clothing goes in and out of season, which is an excellent excuse to have a sale. Even if you don’t think that particular items on sale are the most desirable items in your store, displaying the sale signage will draw window shoppers in and make customers feel more liberated to buy more than they had originally intended. You can also pay attention to holidays or key times of the year to create a sale when you know other stores will be having sales as well.

Launch New Advertising Campaigns

The size of your business will determine your size and scope of advertising, but for any size of business one constant remains true: no one will come to you if you don’t make yourself known. Announce sales, specials, and new items on your social media sites and in call-to-actions on your website. Create large, attractive signs and announcements for your store’s windows. Consider mailing or emailing deals and coupons. If you can, get the word out around town. Post sale fliers on coffee shop bulletin boards, pass out information in high-traffic areas, and try to make sure your store’s presence is reaching your target audience (think like them: where do they hang out and how do they get their information).

Hire More Experienced Employees

Hire employees who will help bring customers to your store to stay. It’s tempting to make quick decisions on hiring hourly staff, but it’s hugely beneficial to take the time to determine an employee’s previous experience and qualifications, especially if you will be placing a heavy emphasis on paying special attention the customers’ needs and if your employees will be involved in helping them find a look and fit that will work for them. Train your employees so they understand the items you sell and not only what they are and how much they cost, but how durable there are in terms of caring for the clothes and washing them (these are questions customers may ask).

Choose employees that can be friendly, professional, and create a welcome environment for all types of customer. A rude employee is almost a sure sign of a missed sale, but a friendly, engaging, and helpful employee can make a bigger sale than expected.

Make Sure People Can Find Your Store

This usually won’t be a problem if you have a good location, but sometimes that’s out of your control. Make sure people know your store is there by creating portable signs and including maps on your website, handouts, and other announcements. Get your store listed in local directories (online and offline) and make sure you have clear store signs on your windows and doors.

What are some of the ways you bring customers into your clothing store? Why do you choose the stores you do for your clothing shopping needs? Let us know in the comments section below.

How to Get More People Into Your Clothing Store in 2014