Why we don’t have a month view (but still might one day)

We get this question a lot and I think it deserves an explanation. It all boils down to usability and simplicity. If we could make a month view usable and simple, we’d probably do it.

A month view showing a standard 30 day grid works great for managing a personal calendar, but when you introduce multiple people to a 30 day calendar grid, the usability and manageability starts to deteriorate fast. Whenever we start to discuss the concept of a month view for the Scheduler, we always end up asking the same questions:

  1. How do you simply and usably visualize schedule data for multiple people in a little square that represents a single day?
  2. How do you simply and usably create tools that allow someone to intuitively manage schedule data that’s represented in a small square for a single day.

The answers have always been: You can’t or not very well. That’s why we’ve always opted for using week and day view for managing schedule data. Those views are much more effective for managing a schedule for large groups of people.  Using When I Work’s Calendar Sync option to visualize the schedule in a traditional 30-day month view is a decent alternative. Since making a functional editor in month view is not realistic, making the schedule easily accessible in an app like iCal or Google Cal is a good way to visualize it.

We’ve seen other scheduling apps attempt a month view and they all seem to fall short in our eyes. A clone of Google Calendar or something else just won’t cut it.

That said, a month view still might be in our future. We talk about month view a lot and I’m sure one day we’ll have that “ah-ha” moment that meets our simple and usable criteria.

Why we don’t have a month view (but still might one day)