Round 2: Get to Know Your Customer Support: Wil

At When I Work we like to think of ourselves as a team. We are a small baseball-sized team that works together to create an outstanding product that makes life easier for those who use it. Each person in our team offers different perspectives and skills to create When I Work. Last week you had the opportunity to meet me (Angie). I don’t know how When I Work is coded but I do know the product and have a lot of personal experience dealing with schedules. This week I’m going to introduce you to a member of our team who knows more about the inner workings of When I Work. Read what he’s all about in this week’s bio of Get To Know Your Support.

Name: Wil

Age: 33

What you do at thisCLICKS:
I’m the Interactive Director here. I figure out the details of the technologies we use to build our products. I also do a lot of programming on these projects.

I like creating things. I spend most of my free time playing guitar, playing piano, photographing the world around me, drawing or designing, and cooking.

Fun Fact:

I come from a long line of restaurateurs.

Round 2: Get to Know Your Customer Support: Wil