Introducing: The All New When I Work

We are excited to announce the next generation of When I Work. It’s what we’re calling “Employee Scheduling — Reinvented.” The new version brings a lot of design, performance and functional improvements; —not to mention more thorough text message notification regarding schedule changes/updates. Get the full story via our official press release.

July also marks our two year anniversary. We’re thrilled to be welcoming hundreds of new businesses to When I Work every week. Since 2010, thousands of smart-minded organizations have selected When I Work to effectively schedule over 50,000 employees worldwide.

Over the past two years we’ve observed, listened and reacted to how our users schedule for their businesses. We believe this new version is a direct response to our users and our passion for simple design. You may notice some things left out that maybe we talked about, but you’ll also notice some new things that perhaps you didn’t know you needed. The bottom line is that we’ve engineered for the future. The new version has a foundation that will allow us to please and surprise our users for months and years to come.

Here is a video highlighting the all new When I Work. If you’re an existing users and want a more detailed look at what’s new, see the video at the bottom of this post.

See What’s New

As of today, we’ve made the new version available to new accounts, however, existing customers will be able to upgrade soon. We want to ease existing accounts into the new version in small chunks to ensure successful migration of data and functionality.

When the new version becomes available to existing accounts, you will be able to upgrade and migrate your current WIW account to the new version. Once you upgrade, there’s no going back, so we’re planning on letting everyone upgrade at their own leisure for a couple of months before making the upgrade mandatory for everyone. Look for a link in the header of the app in the next couple weeks. If you really want to upgrade sooner, email us at support [at] and we’ll send you a link to upgrade. Please note: only Account Holders can upgrade their account.

I put together this short 5 minute video that highlights the major improvements and changes.

Introducing: The All New When I Work