Introducing Schedule Templates

Today’s a pretty big deal for When I Work. We launched “Templates” today, meaning that managers and Supervisors can now save templates of their schedules.

Why use templates?

In any business, there’s a natural ebb and flow that can throw off the delicate balance of the schedule. Perhaps you run a retail business that gets swamped between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With templates, you can build a weekly schedule that features more shifts than usual, and includes strictly seasonal workers. Save the template as “Seasonal Holiday,” and use it to build off the remainder of your holiday scheduling, both in the current year and in years to come.

On the other hand, maybe you are the schedule planner for cafeteria workers at a university. During the school year, your needs are fairly stable, but when the summer comes and the dorms empty out, you need a new plan. After you build a schedule that hits the magic number of cafeteria workers you need for each summer meal’s sparser crowd, save it as a “Summer” template, and your switch to the warmer months will be a cinch.

Just as you learn from your mistakes, you should learn from your successes. If you have a schedule that works for a specific time of year, save it so you can enjoy that success again while saving time in the scheduling process. With a well thought-out (and tested) schedule, you will be far less likely to end up with too many workers (expensive and unnecessary) or too few workers (discouraging for staff and customers).

Here’s how to use it:

Just navigate to the week you want to create a template from, click the “Schedule Tools” gear menu, and click “Save Template.” You can give the template a name and description. Then click “Save.” When I Work then saves a snapshot of your schedule for the selected week. It’s that easy.

Using a template is just as easy. From the same “Schedule Tools” gear menu in the “Scheduler,” click “Load Template,” and a dialog will open with your schedule templates. Select the one you want, and you’ll then have an opportunity to preview the template on top of your current week. You can choose to “Overwrite with Conflicts,” “Allow Duplicates” or “Avoid Conflicts.” Selecting one of these options will give you preview of how the selected template will affect your selected week. If you’re happy with how the template looks, click “Apply.”

Introducing Schedule Templates