Healthcare Providers Lower Costs and Improve Productivity with ‘When I Work’ Mobile Staff Scheduling Software

ST. PAUL, MN – September 12, 2011 – A ground-breaking scheduling software built to accommodate today’s mobile lifestyle has shifted the way healthcare services, pharmacies, dental practices, caregivers and hospitals create and manage staff schedules.

“When I Work” helps to lower costs in several ways.  The easy-to-use design reduces the amount of time administrative staff spends creating the schedule, and the mobile platform facilitates last minute changes in staffing requirements, thus eliminating unnecessary overtime or under staffing issues.

“Today’s healthcare workers rely on their cell phones, text messages and the web to connect with their work, family and friends. To operate at optimum staff levels, employers need to create an employee work schedule and use employee scheduling software that fits into the busy mobile lifestyle of today’s employee,” said Chad Halvorson, founder of “When I Work.” “We can create tremendous efficiencies by making staff scheduling quick and easy– and putting each employee’s work schedule in their pockets via their mobile phone.

Unlike most staff scheduling software which is time consuming and difficult to use, When I Work was engineered from the ground-up to take advantage of mobile devices and mobile lifestyles. The look, feel, speed, and simplicity of “When I Work” is fully realized in today’s mobile devices – from inexpensive text-only phones to sophisticated devices like iPhones and netbooks.

“Mobility means that healthcare managers can work from anywhere to find staff and make last-minute changes to schedules,” Halvorson said.

“When I Work was a no brainer for my large group dental practice. Setup literally took minutes for a staff of 20. It allows me to focus on other aspects of my practice. My team loves the ability to check their schedules and make scheduling requests on-the-go. ‘When I Work’ easily paid for itself in less headaches and hassle in the first month,” said Jay Miller, DMD, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Michael Dube, Coordinator of Information Technology at Chimes Delaware a state-wide multi-services agency said, “Our organization manages Direct Service Professionals at over 40 state wide locations, so scheduling and finding available staff for those locations is a challenge. ‘When I Work’ has simplified that process and is helping to reduce overtime expenses.”

By creating efficiencies, improving productivity and reducing costs, “When I Work” is helping both small and large businesses and organizations lower health care costs.

When I Work is now free forever for up to 75 employees. Try it out now and see if it’s for you.

The program data is hosted at a secured data center so managers can be assured their data is secure backed up daily and updated automatically when new features are introduced. Managers who use older, outdated employee scheduling programs can easily import data into When I Work.

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Healthcare Providers Lower Costs and Improve Productivity with 'When I Work' Mobile Staff Scheduling Software