Get to Know your Customer Support: Angie

You may have noticed that when you write to When I Work support you receive a response from someone you don’t know, yet they address you by your first name and seem to know everything about your schedule. Since we are in the age where almost all communication happens silently over the web, the human touch in customer support has been all but lost. Seems a bit creepy, right? So, to remedy this uneasy feeling, allow us to introduce ourselves. For the next few weeks, we are going to provide a profile of a customer support staff member weekly. Read on to get to know the story behind the person answering your questions, emailing your account information, or sending you a hand-written note.

To start off this exciting first edition of Get to Know your Support, I, Angie, will tell you more about myself.

Name: Angela (Angie)

Age: 23

What I do at thisCLICKS: I started last June as an office administrator. Since then I have become the manager of our customer support and I’m the lovely lady who likes to write you cards and Tweet about When I Work.

Hobbies: I’m a freelance theatre artist, so a lot of my time is filled up with designing sets or stage managing shows around the Twin Cities. I also love to read historical novels, practice yoga, and cook!

Fun Fact: I knew nothing about apps or Twitter before I started working here. Now I feel like a pro!

Get to Know your Customer Support: Angie