Try TeamTxt™ for sending custom text messages to your staff

Today we launched TeamTxt™, a group texting service that allows managers to send custom messages to individual employees, other managers, small groups, or the entire staff. This is brand new and is something that was never before available in When I Work. Group texting for When I Work has been one of the most requested features since day one.

TeamTxt augments our 2-way text message service that’s already included in all When I Work plans. To send group text messages, you purchase TeamTxt credits as you need them. Credits cost as little as 3¢ each, and 1 credit translates to 1  text message to 1 employee. We’re giving all existing When I Work accounts a handful of free TeamTxt credits to try it out and see what they think.

I know you might be thinking, “What? Text messaging in When I Work is extra now?”  Not quite. Nothing has changed in our monthly pricing or in how the pre-existing 2-way text message service works.  We have not added ANY fees to the text messaging service that When I Work has always had.

It would be impossible to make this new ‘custom’ text messaging service free because it actually costs us money for every text that is sent. To our knowledge there are no comparable services that offer employee group texting for free. Believe me, if I could make it free, I would. Just like email. The free options that I’ve found use email-to-sms which are limited to carriers that support it, plus email-to-sms would require special configuration for each employee in order to determine which carrier they used.

If you don’t use this new feature you will not see ANY change in how you use When I Work or what you pay for it. Our goal with all our text message support is to make it as easy-to-use and implement as possible. Please email us if you have any questions about TeamTxt or our other text messaging service.

-Chad Halvorson
CEO / Founder