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Create Shifts in Seconds

Spend Less Time Scheduling

Setting up your employee schedule takes only a few minutes. Our guided setup walks you through the process of making the schedule, adding employees, locations and positions. You can even import your employee list via an excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

shift planning software for workforce manaegement of employee scheduling
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Minimal Data Entry

Add and invite your employees in seconds. We'll send your employees an invite via text and email as soon as you add them.

Mobility with 24/7 Access

Staff stay connected to their work schedules 24/7 with text message alerts, mobile scheduling apps and email notifications.

Online Schedule Maker

When I Work's schedule maker is web based, so you don't need to worry about installation. Just open your web browser and access the schedule, fuss-free.

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Shift Replacements

Fill Shifts in 30 Seconds

Quickly find qualified and eligible staff to cover a shift at the last minute. Just click the shift that needs to be filled, select the employees you want to offer it to and click 'send'. Everyone you selected will receive a mobile alert and email about the available shift. The first person to reply and confirm gets it.

Qualified & Eligible

When you request a replacement using "Shift Replace", only qualified and eligible employees are presented. Select the employees you want to offer the shift to and you're done. Everyone get's a text message, mobile alert and/or email asking them to cover the shift. Scheduling your staff has never been easier.

Find Replacements On-the-go

Use the mobile employee scheduling app to find replacements on the go. As soon as you get a text or call from someone that can't make their shift, open the When I Work app and notify all eligible and available employees in less than 30 seconds.

Simple ONline Work Schedule Maker

Incredibly Easy-to-Use Staff Scheduling Software

Our online scheduler is incredibly easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. View the entire week’s schedule, and move shifts easily from person-to-person, day-to-day, until you are completely satisfied with the schedule. You can even save schedule templates, which make it even easier to get your work schedule started and finished.

Avoid Schedule Conflicts

Make your schedule run smoother by viewing each employee's availability and preferences as you build the schedule.

Choose Your View

Click to view the entire schedule, or quickly filter by position or location, so you never get lost in details again.

See Who's Working Now

Quickly see which employees are scheduled. The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of what's happening with your schedule right now.

Quickly Find Replacements

When you need to fill an open shift fast, send out a shift alert via email and text message to all qualified and available staff.

Employee Time-Off & Availability Tracking

Time-Off, Availability & Human Resource Management

With When I Work's exclusive communication tools, you will always know which employees are available, and your staff can rest-assured that their availability and time-off requests are up-to-date. Our 2-way text messaging service allows for direct response approvals to time-off requests. For example, when an employee requests a day off, managers receive a text message and can approve or cancel the request with a simple reply. Our staff communication tools also include TeamTxt™, which allows managers to communicate with groups of employees via text message.

Up-To-Date Staff Availability

When I Work allows each staff member to input and manage their own availability. Once they update their availability, that information is automatically added to the schedule, and used to help determine qualified and available staff while you schedule.

Easy Vacation & Leave Management

Employees can make vacation and time-off requests directly from their mobile phones or PCs. Managers are alerted via text message and email for approval. Employees are automatically alerted when their request is approved, and the schedule is instantly updated.

shift planning software for workforce manaegement of employee scheduling
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Staff Communication Software

Make Staff Communication Easy, Fast, and Reliable.

Communicating with staff can be time-consuming and unreliable. Finding a replacement, filling an open shift or even just letting everyone know about the staff meeting tomorrow can be a challenge. With When I Work's group email and TeamTxt™ service, you can communicate with your staff in one click. There are also powerful email and text message alert mechanisms in place to ensure everyone knows where they need to be and when.

Group Email Service

Our group email service, which is included in all of our plans, allows you to communicate with staff anytime via your desktop or mobile phone.

TeamTxt™ Custom Texting

When I Work integrates exclusively with TeamTxt™, a group texting tool that allows you to easily send custom text messages to your staff.


Instant group text messaging to ANY phone

Employees are more likely to check text messages than email. Target the entire staff with a single, custom written text!

TeamTxt expands on our 2-way text message service, which is included in all of our plans. To send group text messages, simply purchase TeamTxt credits as you need them. Credits cost as little as 3¢ each, and 1 credit translates to 1 text message to 1 employee. Currently, TeamTxt is only available in the United States.

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Flexible Bulk Texting

Broadcast a text to everyone at once. With TeamTxt™, you're one click away from instant communication with your staff. Urgent, important or timely messages are delivered instantly so there’s never any delay.

Manager-to-Manager Communication

TeamTxt™ is also a great way for managers to communicate among each other before, after, or between shifts. It's a reliable way to let tomorrow's manager know what happened during today's activities.

Open Shifts

Self-Scheduling with Open Shifts

Empower your employees by letting them self-schedule with 'Open Shifts.' Managers simply create an open shift, and employees are alerted via text message and email. Claiming shifts requires just a quick text message reply, then managers are notified and the schedule is automatically updated in real-time. Learn more about how our 2-way text messaging service simplifies schedule management.

Take an Open Shift

Staff members receive open shift details via their computer or mobile phone. Employee will only see the open shifts they're qualified and available for.

Manage Open Shifts with Ease

Easily monitor your open shifts within the schedule. Alert staff about open shifts via text message and assign open shift eligibility to specific employees.

Shift Trades & Drops

Shift Trades & Drops

Save time and energy by letting your most qualified and trusted employees make approval-required changes to the work schedule through Shift Trades & Drops. By giving your employees the ability to drop or trade shifts using When I Work, you can be sure that shifts will never be left unfilled.

You can finally rest easy because you no longer need to worry about all the frustrating employee scheduling issues that used to take up too much of your time—like dealing with no-shows or having to scramble to find last-minute replacements for unexpected open shifts.

shift planning software for workforce manaegement of employee scheduling
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Swap or Drop Shifts

Employees can easily ask coworkers to trade shifts. From their mobile phone, they find their shift and tap "Trade". When I Work then presents them with coworkers that are eligible and qualified to work the shift. Before their workers see the shift offer, approval by management is required.

Automate Shift Trading

Shift trading and shift dropping can be initiated anytime, anywhere. When I Work ensures that only qualified and available employees have access to shift trades and drops. Managers and employees are instantly alerted by text message or email when the shift trade is completed.

Schedule Templates

Cover All Your Shifts with Schedule Templates

Creating the perfect schedule is an acquired talent. Some schedules work really well, while others don't quite do the trick. With When I Work's Schedule Templates, you can apply your knowledge to new schedules by copying past schedules that have worked well for you.

Create a Template

Templates cut scheduling time by providing a starting point. There's no need to start from scratch when you already know how your schedule works best.

Load a Template

Queue up a template that provides the coverage you need. Quickly preview your template, and if it looks good, apply it and move onto other things.

Learn From the Past

Save a successful holiday schedule for use in following years, and simplify seasonal employee scheduling by using a template from the previous summer.

shift planning software for workforce manaegement of employee scheduling
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Payroll & Budgeting

Track Payroll Expenses & Budget Better

The Scheduler provides detailed resource and budget management information. Easily track personnel by position, hours, or payroll expenses. In one click see your payroll forecast and overtime expenses.

Export Payroll

Quickly see if your schedule aligns with your expected payroll expenses. Use our schedule/payroll export option to get a look at total hours, wages and expected payroll expenses.

Reduce Overtime

Make more informed decisions while scheduling. If an employee is scheduled to work over their budgeted hours, the Scheduler will instantly alert you next to that employee's name.

employee scheduling app features screenshot of shift replacements
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Schedule Multiple Locations

Multiple Units? No Problem.

The Scheduler lets you switch between locations as you create the schedule, allowing you keep each of the schedules you manage entirely separate from one another. You can even share employees between locations, and at a glance see who's available when and where.

Schedule Departments

Use Locations as departments, and setup an independent schedule for each department. Add Supervisors to each Location to provide users unique access to the schedule.

Include Addresses

For each Location you create, add an address for additional convenience. When I Work automatically integrates with Google Maps to provide quick links for directions and a map.

Job Site Scheduling

Off-site Scheduling

If you need to schedule employees for off-site shifts, setup ‘Sites’ and assign staff at specific job-sites or addresses. This allows your staff to stay mobile and quickly see where their next shift is from their mobile phone.

Event Scheduling

Use Sites to schedule staff by-the-project. Setup a project as a 'Site,' then assign staff to a shift, and tag that shift to the project you want the employee to focus on.

Project Scheduling

Use Sites to schedule staff by-the-project. Setup a project as a 'Site,' then assign staff to a shift, and tag that shift to the project you want the employee to focus on.

3rd-Party Apps

Sync with Google, Outlook or iCal

Not only can employees view their work schedules online via When I Work, but they also have the flexibility of syncing it with their favorite online calendar app — such as Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, Thunderbird, etc. Viewing their schedules alongside personal responsibilities helps keep your staff organized, and aware of any possible conflicts between responsibilities.

shift planning software for workforce manaegement of employee scheduling
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