Why You Need Another Effective Leader On Your Part-Time Team


Every established manager has to deal with full-time and part-time staff. Facilitating a productive workplace can be difficult and exhausting. As a leader, you have to find unique ways to motivate the many different types of people that work for you.

Full-time staff usually proves to be a bit more invested in your company and its future. Within your full-time staff, it is generally easier to find individuals who wish to take on more responsibility and step into a larger leadership role.

Full-time staff, in general, is more eager to make progress within your company. Allowing your staff to take on more responsibilities will help you set aside more time to the continued development and growth of your business.

However, many managers fail to adequately recognize the value of their part-time staff. These staff members are essential to the overall success of your company. Unfortunately, it can prove difficult to find individuals within your part-time team that are willing to take on additional workplace responsibilities.

‘Leading the Part-Timers’

Within your part-time team, it is important to find someone who has the skills and passion to effectively organize and motivate the rest of your staff members. Here are a few reasons why you might need to consider promoting or hiring another leader within your part-time team:


As your business grows, management responsibilities will undoubtedly grow in size and scope. If your business is your baby, it can be hard to start relinquishing control. However, you must acknowledge that, at some point, you will not be able to handle all management duties on your own.

Hiring another manager to oversee your part-time team will help you delegate management responsibilities. In turn, your part-time employees will take notice of your sound managerial decision-making, thus making them more likely to perform at a high level to help your business succeed.

Good managers are keenly aware of the skillsets of their employees. Taking the time to truly understand your new leaders’ strengths and weaknesses will help you more effectively delegate tasks that they will be able to complete in a successful manner.


Delegating more and more tasks to your part-time leaders and staff will lead to a greater sense of empowerment amongst your employees. They will begin to feel as if they have a larger stake in the overall outcome of your business.

Empowering your part-time staff can be tricky. Having another manager specifically devoted to overseeing the tasks and needs of your part-time staff will go a long way towards creating a part-time team that operates in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

If you are attempting to manage a team that is too large for your own individual capabilities, your part-time staff might feel as if they are lost or unorganized, which can severely compromise their motivation to produce high-quality work.

As your company grows, it is important for you to bring in a diverse variety of viewpoints and opinions to contribute to your business’ development. Hiring another leader to manage your part-time staff will help you foster original thinking within your company, which will ultimately lead to unique and profitable business decisions.


Every manager eventually reaches a saturation point where they can no longer take on additional tasks and they begin to feel a bit overwhelmed regarding the scale of their responsibilities. Often, many tasks that managers complete are unnecessary, and can be delegated to other staff members.

Delegating more tasks to your employees will not just give those employees a greater sense of empowerment within your company. Delegating and empowering your employees will also help you focus your efforts back on the growth and development aspects of the business.

As a manager, you should not be performing everyday administrative tasks. Your job is to manage employees, as well as clients. Hiring another part-time leader to delegate administrative tasks and empower your staff to do original thinking will help you focus your efforts on keeping your current clients happy, finding new clients, and increasing your business’ overall profitability.

Why You Need Another Effective Leader On Your Part-Time Team