Free Excel Template for Employee Scheduling

If you are using excel to schedule your employees, then you know just how difficult it can be to keep track of your staff’s work schedule.  We have scoured the internet for an excel spreadsheet that would make scheduling employees easier, and we were just really unimpressed.  That’s why we made a template just for you – a free employee scheduling excel template that actually helps you see who is working, what time they are working, what position they are working – it even lets you forecast your labor costs.


Free Excel Template for Employee Scheduling

Get the only excel template for employee scheduling that lets you easily add employees, add shifts, keep track of overtime and forecast your labor costs so you can stay within your budget.

With this template you are able to edit the shifts that are relevant to your business on the “shifts tab”.  Maybe your business works all hours of the night and you need day shifts, evening shifts and even nights shifts – thats not a problem, just edit the shift data and add any other shifts that your business needs.

Also, on that same tab you can add or change the positions that are available for your employees – change the Manager position to Unit Lead, or change the Front Desk to Cashier.  If you need more positions, you can add as many as your company needs under the “Shift Types”.

The last sheet called, “Employees” is the sheet that lets you add your employees’ names, hourly rate, and how many hours they are allowed to work each week before they go into overtime.  You don’t have to fill out all of this information – but if you want to have accurate labor forecasting, then this data will help you out big time- especially if you manage hourly employees.

If you are looking for something more robust than excel – something that also allows you to notify your staff of their work schedule by notifications and text messages, then you should check out When I Work’s employee time clock software. We have mobile apps for the iPhone and Android that allow you to literally put your work schedule in your employees’ pockets – so they have no excuse for not knowing when they are scheduled to work.

Employee Scheduling Software by When I Work

Free Excel Template for Employee Scheduling