Better Publishing Options for Your Schedule

We’ve made improvements to the schedule maker and how your schedule gets published. In the next week or so, you’ll see a streamlined publishing system and additional options for publishing your schedule.

Publish & Notify

The original publish/save features are still available, however, we’ve simplified the process and added a few more options that should streamline the process. Clicking “Publish & Notify” will publish the current week’s schedule and notify all appropriate employees that have shifts assigned during the current week. This makes publishing and notifying your staff of a new schedule very quick and easy.

Secondary Options

If you click the “secondary” options arrow to the right of the main “Publish” button, you’ll be presented with the publish widget. This new publish widget allows you to indicate which shifts get published and who gets notified. Simply type the employee or position name into the “Recipients” field. The schedules for the employees and/or positions you indicate here will be published. You can enter “Everyone” to publish all shifts. Like before, you can also include a date range and publish the schedule for a specified duration of time. If the “Notify” box is checked, the selected recipients will be notified as usual about the schedule changes.


Publish Changes

In addition, you now have the option to un-publish your schedule and track your changes before you publish. Once a schedule has been published, any changes you make will not be visible to your employees until you click “Publish Changes.” This adds flexibility allowing you to fine tune your schedule after you’ve published.