Important Announcement About Annotations

I’m super glad to hear that many of you are as excited about the new Annotations feature as we are. We’re always working on improving When I Work, and we do our best to make it so that almost all of the enhancements we add on a regular basis are available to all plans at all price points. There are even features we add that we make available to those that have been grandfathered into historical price plans. A couple of recent examples are Bulk OpenShifts and Shift Acknowledgment. We invest a lot of energy to bring those and other enhancements to everyone.

We’re committed to the continued innovation of When I Work for all our users and customers. When we introduce something new, it’s backed by hundreds of hours of development and design. This means that from time to time, we need to price new features in a way that captures its value and allows us to continue being competitive in the market. We introduced Annotations to our $39 and higher plan because we believe that the value of everything When I Work currently offers, coupled with Annotations is unmatched in the marketplace.

We’re extremely proud that we’re the only employee scheduling software in the industry that’s able to offer month-to-month price points for small businesses at $9, $19 and $29 for features, usability, and functionality not found elsewhere. However, as we continue to innovate there will be some enhancements that we’ll be unable to include at those price points due to the value and effort required to develop and support them.

That said, I want to always make sure we’re doing right by the thousands of small businesses that rely on When I Work every day to schedule, communicate, and track time with their staff. So in a gesture of that commitment, we’re going to reduce the starting price/plan for Annotations from $39 to $29 per month for those customers “exclusively using our scheduling” product that are on current plans. This puts When I Work’s premium product offering at an even greater value compared to other solutions on the market that start their “Entry Level” price at $39/month for even a few employees/user.

Hope this helps and that you’re able to take full advantage of Annotations and find the tool well worth the value it provides. Please let us know if you have questions or feedback on how we can make it even better. If you’re already on a current plan (as of March 3, 2015) of $29 or more, you will see the Annotations feature automatically become available to you.


Chad Halvorson
CEO / Founder