The Year in Product

Happy New Year from When I Work! Throughout 2019, the When I Work team strengthened and refined the scheduling product that you and your team rely on. We also know that managing your busy workplace includes more than scheduling. That’s why we’re continuing to create a holistic workplace management product that makes work less work. Here’s an overview of highlights from 2019 and what’s coming up! 

???? New Year, New Schedule ????

Forecast Tools 

Budget tools, When I Work’s labor forecasting feature, has expanded to become Forecast Tools. Forecast Tools tracks the sales budget and hours budget for your schedules to ensure you have the right coverage and are within your labor budget— every time. Quickly enter sales and hours information across time using the new import function. 

Auto Scheduling 

2019 brought the release of an automatic schedule building tool called Auto Scheduling. The Auto Scheduling algorithm has been updated to give you more control over the distribution of automatically scheduled shifts. In addition, a new option enables you to load shifts from schedule templates or a copied schedule into the OpenShifts row. This makes any of your current templates or schedules a template you can use to run the auto-scheduler. 

Shift Tasks 

The task lists you already know have been enhanced to include Shift Tasks. Shift Tasks are task lists that are connected directly to an employee’s shift. Shift Tasks increase employee accountability by ensuring that tasks are completed within a certain shift. Fully automate your assignment of tasks by adding Shift Task Lists to your shift templates for when you build your schedule.

OpenShift Requests 

Moderate the OpenShift pick up process with OpenShift Requests. OpenShift Requests allow employees to bid on an OpenShift. Management then approves which employee picks up the OpenShift. Empower employees with flexible scheduling while ensuring the most qualified employees get assigned to the right shifts. 

???? Beyond Scheduling ???? 

Store Documents 

Keep all the important documents your team needs in one spot. The Documents feature is perfect for storing your employee handbook or onboarding checklist. Documents can be uploaded and shared on the web app and employees can reference them on their mobile app. 


The Reporting page provides a centralized location for all of the reports available in your account along with two new automated labor reports. The Attendance Notices Report helps gauge employee performance long-term while the Labor Breakdown Report gives an in-depth breakdown of your labor costs.

Request Filters 

Filtering capabilities have been added to the Time Off Request and Shift Request pages. Use the filters to find the requests that need your attention even faster.

???? Coming Soon ????

Visibility into Overtime 

Keep a closer eye on overtime costs with overtime visibility while scheduling. Your customized overtime threshold is used to calculate an employee’s potential overtime. Overtime impact is displayed while creating shifts, forecasting your budget, and responding to requests. 

Timesheet enhancements 

Timesheets have a new look and enhanced performance. The updates to timesheets, including adding timesheet details in one click, will pave the way for even more new attendance features to come. 

Request Views

In addition to filters, request views further sorts requests for faster review.

????‍???? How to use these features ????‍????

If you’re interested in using the new features, the account holder can update the account’s plan on the Account & Billing page via the web app. Some features, including enhancements to requests and timesheets, will be available to all accounts over time. For more information on how these features could work for your workplace, feel free to contact us! Keep up to date with the latest feature releases by checking out Product News.

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