The Evolution of Employee Scheduling [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are a number of potential benefits associated with effective employee scheduling. Business owners who invest in some sort of employee scheduling system typically find that it can have a positive impact on productivity, employee motivation, and overall communication. Employee scheduling can also reduce staff costs, prevent overtime costs, and reduce absenteeism. According to research, inadequate scheduling accounts for employees wasting up to thirty-six percent of their time. The methods employers use to schedule their employees have evolved greatly over time. In the early days of employee scheduling, pen and paper was the only available way for employers to effectively manage their employees. During this time, employers had no other option but to painstakingly record schedules by hand. Over time however, great improvements have been made to employee scheduling. As more of the world has received access to the internet, more and more employers have started investing in and using convenient online and mobile systems to track the schedules of their employees.  The following infographic outlines the evolution, benefits, and future of employee scheduling.


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The Evolution of Employee Scheduling