Self-scheduling just got easier with the latest shift coverage features

Flexible self-scheduling isn’t new. In fact, the approach is often heralded as the future of work and the key to driving better outcomes for employers and more engaged employees

A flexible self-schedule is built by managers and employees. First the manager defines the scheduling needs based on demand. Then, employees select, trade, and fill shifts themselves. This approach requires significantly less time from managers to build schedules and it allows employees to have more say in the hours they work.  

To support the future of scheduling, we built 3 new features to help with your flexible self-scheduling needs:

1. Enable your employees to pick up extra hours

Introducing: Shift Release

Since the pandemic struck, we’ve seen a 10x increase in the growth rate of flexible scheduling among all our customers. To support this growing need, we’re excited to launch a brand new feature called: Shift Release. When shifts are released by an employee they are now added to the schedule as OpenShifts. Once a shift is released, the employee is no longer responsible for the shift, leaving it open for other employees that are qualified and available to take it without the need of manager intervention. Available on Pro and Enterprise plans.

2. Be confident you’ll have the coverage you need each day

Introducing: Time restrictions on when a swap, drop, or release can be completed before a shift

Uncertain demand makes managing schedules and availability difficult—especially at the last minute. Now, you can set time limits on when employees are allowed to swap shifts, drop shifts, and release shifts before a shift start time.  Eliminating last minute shift releases or shift drops giving you more confidence in your shift coverage.

Adjusting the settings is easy. Just enter time restrictions for each shift coverage option in the Scheduling Settings. Available on Pro and Enterprise plans.

3. Manage self-scheduling in a flexible manner that fits your business.

Settings update: Enable or disable swaps, drops, and releases independently

Thanks to invaluable feedback from customers like you, we’ve revamped swaps and drops. These features are now fully customizable to fit the needs of your workplace. Configure swaps, drops, and releases to best suit your business and set up self-scheduling exactly the way you want. Empower your employees to find their own coverage and help streamline your scheduling process.

Navigate to Scheduling Settings and choose which options you’d like to empower your employees to have. Available on all plans.

Want to learn more?

Our Help Center goes into even more detail about how to configure shift coverage options and can help to answer any specific questions you might have. Check out the Shift Coverage Reference Guide to learn more.

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