New Features Now Live: Month View & Google Login

At When I Work, we are committed to helping business owners boost productivity and grow their businesses. That’s why we’re excited to announce two new features that are now live in the app: Month View and Google Login. This post will teach you more about how to use each feature.

Month View:

Month View has been one of our most requested features since we launched When I Work back in 2010. For a long time, we didn’t offer it as a feature to our users for this reason: we wanted to make sure we got it right. We’ve seen a lot of other scheduling apps attempt a month view over the years, and they all seemed to fall short in our eyes. We wanted to build something that hit the nail on the head. This beta launch is the first step we’ve made toward achieving that goal.

Here’s a snapshot of what Month View actually looks like (if you’re reading this, the feature is already live in your When I Work account):

Each day of the month will be represented in Month View. Within each day’s cell it can show up to at least 6 shifts at a time. If you exceed 6 shifts in a given day you will be given the option to View ALL.

Clicking on “View All” will provide you with a list of all of the shifts scheduled for that day.

In Month View, you do have the ability to add or edit shifts. Here’s how:

In the upper right corner of each day there is a (+) icon you can click to add a new shift. Adding a new shift will present you with the shift creation popup. Be sure to choose the employee you want to create the shift for!

Click on any shift in either the day’s cell or the View All list to edit the shift. 

There are some features that are not currently available in the Month View beta. We are working to get most of them implemented. Our goal has been to get month view into your hands as soon as possible so we begin to collect your feedback.

Here are the features missing from month view:

  • Time Off requests
  • Availability
  • Printing
  • Clear schedule
  • All toolbox options i.e. templates and export

Note: This is a premium feature and requires subscription to our current “Premium” plan (as of 5/13/2015) or higher. 

To learn more about Month View, click here.

Google Login

In addition to Month View, we’ve also added the ability to log into When I Work using Google account credentials. This means that you don’t need to use a separate email and password to create or log into your When I Work account. Please note: if you use Google+ to log into When I Work, you will have to continue using it to log into your When I Work account from here on out.

Here are the steps you can take to log into When I Work using your Google account credentials:

Step 1: From the login page click the [Sign in with Google Plus] option.

Step 2: Log into your Google account.

Clicking “Sign in with Google” will send your browser to to select the Google account to use and authenticate.

Step 3: Authorize access. 

Once logged into your Google account it will prompt to you accept the terms of service with connecting your Google account with the When I Work app (this is standard with almost every app).

Step 4: Select your account. 

Once you are logged into your Google account When I Work will prompt you to find the account you belong to. Searching by your Account ID or Subdomain will prompt you to the account you belong to.

NOTE: You will only have to go through the setup steps once. After you setup your Google+ sign on you will be able to just login by choosing the Google Plus login option on the login page. 

The Google Login feature is available to all When I Work users. To learn more about this feature, click here.

Still have questions? Ask us below, or visit our Help Center.


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