Mobile Lifestyles Mean a Mobile Workforce

It’s no secret that our lives continue to become more and more mobile. In July 2011, The Pew Research Center released survey results showing that 83% of adults own a cell phone, and 35% own a smartphone. If you break it down by age, that number jumps to 57% for ages 25-43. With the majority of working-age people using smartphones, and nearly all adults using some kind of cellular device, the days of not reaching people when they’re on-the-go are a reality of the past. So why do some companies still rely on the old pen and paper to create their work schedules? It’s like writing a letter to ask a friend to go to dinner…sure, they might get the message, but possibly not in time, and they’ll wonder why you’re not using the available technology that would make the process simpler. With tools that make real-time updates, give automatic notifications, and are available 24/7, work schedules don’t need to be stressful for management or staff.

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