6 Ways To Improve Payroll Management For Employees

Key takeaways:

  • You can use payroll management to boost your company’s culture and increase employee engagement with a few features.
  • Making the payroll process simple is a benefit that all employees appreciate.
  • Payroll has the most direct effect on employees’ lives, so keeping it simple and accurate are the most important points.

Today, employment is more than a simple means to an end. In the current business landscape, company culture is almost as important as salary.

Your employees are spending a significant amount of their time and energy working for you, and it’s important they enjoy this experience. 

People want to work for companies that are modern, efficient, and dedicated to their employees. One aspect of your company’s culture is present in how you choose to manage payroll. 

At its core, payroll is about appreciating your employees. Below is a list of six ways to improve payroll management to support your employees.

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6 ways to improve payroll management to support your employees

Check out these practical tips on how to use payroll management to increase your employee satisfaction and boost company culture.

1) Help employees save

Recent studies show a discrepancy between how much Americans think they’ll need to retire, and how much they’ve actually saved—to the tune of about $900,000. Saving for college is getting harder too. The cost of tuition has skyrocketed and the amount families end up paying is up 153% since 1982.

By allowing employees to split their paycheck into multiple bank accounts, you can help them reach their savings goals. Putting away a set amount or percentage of each paycheck into a savings account, while the rest is deposited into a standard checking account helps employees invest in themselves.

Starting early and regularly contributing to their savings, along with the power of compound interest, means they’ll be on their way to a new car or down payment for a house in less time and they’ll be happier employees because of it.

2) Give employees control of their personal details

When a new baby is born, an employee moves to a new apartment, or just wants to change their withholding information, they have to go through the payroll manager. That’s a waste of time for everyone involved! 

Give them the freedom to view and change their payroll information at any time, from any device so they have control over their personal details. 

A modern payroll service provider will allow employees to view, review, and change their personal information, forms, and other financial information without having to go through a middleman.

3) Use payroll as a communication tool

Don’t wait until your next quarterly or annual review to tell your employees they’re doing a great job. Payroll is an opportunity to acknowledge your employee’s achievements and reward them for a job well done. 

Tell them how much you appreciate their hard work with a personal note. If one of your employees closed a major account or received a rave review from a customer, tell them with a note on their paycheck. 

Rewards should also be personalized, such as a free lunch on an employee’s birthday, or company-wide incentives, like two extra vacation days for the quarter’s top seller. 

The incentives, rewards, and personal messages you send out during payroll bring a level of fun and satisfaction to the workplace, while building loyal employees.

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4) Celebrate new hires together

When a new employee joins the team, it’s time for celebration—not mountains of paperwork. Smart payroll systems will help your new employee fill out all of their information quickly, like never asking the same question twice and pre-populating required forms to be automatically sent to the government on their behalf. That leaves more time to celebrate! 

5) Simplify tax information

Withholding tax is often confusing, especially when Uncle Sam always seems to be increasing his take. And when payroll is processed in house, the taxes listed on the pay stub aren’t easily discernible. 

But, by choosing a modern payroll provider, your employees will have instant access to their tax information in an easy-to-understand format. This results in empowered employees who have the information they need to make better decisions about the health of their future finances.

6) Invest in payroll processing software

For those of your employees who actually run payroll, investing in an easy-to-use software system, like When I Work, that combines employee scheduling, time tracking, team messaging, and payroll is a great way to make their lives easier. Everything lives on the same platform, so all the data is right there when they need it—no importing timesheets or syncing data required. They’ll be able to save time, and everyone loves that.


There are a lot of ways you can use payroll to make life better for your employees. It’s about more than just getting an accurate, timely paycheck. Make it easy for them to live their lives the way they want and you’ll inspire loyalty and increase employee engagement. 

Make it easy for your team to get everything they need with payroll software. Sign up for your free trial of When I Work today and see how it can help change your business.

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