Free Quarterly Payroll Report Template

Are you tired of sorting through dozens of paper logs every quarter? If so, it’s time to incorporate a quarterly payroll report template into your accounting workflow. Our template can save you time, reduce the risk of errors, and help you keep your budget balanced.

How to use the quarterly payroll report template

Step 1: Enter employee wage data

Our template has clearly labeled tabs for everything. Once you’ve downloaded it, take a minute to read over each tab. Then, find the employees tab. Select it and enter information about your team members, including their names and salary or hourly rate. 

Step 2: Create pay periods and roles 

Next, input scheduling information, roles, and pay periods (i.e., weekly or biweekly). Double check your pay period dates and roles. Otherwise, your quarterly calculations could be off. 

Step 3: Crunch the numbers 

Now that you’ve entered all the information, our template can take it from there. It will calculate each person’s quarterly earnings and provide a company-wide total. If anyone worked overtime, make sure to adjust their earnings accordingly. 

Are you ready to ditch spreadsheets altogether? Check out When I Work, the full-service payroll solution designed to simplify wage reporting, hour tracking, and a wide range of other back-office tasks.

The disadvantages of traditional quarterly payroll reporting 

If you’ve been running quarterly reports the old-fashioned way, it can be easy to fall into the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset. That’s a bad move. Eventually, the manual approach to quarterly reporting is going to create some major headaches for your business. It probably already is. 

Running your quarterly payroll reports can be a hassle without a set template. Here’s why:

  • Mistakes: Mistakes are more likely when typing in numbers by hand
  • Omissions: Without clearly labeled sections, you might forget important details
  • Wasted time: Putting together the report takes a lot of time 
  • Disorganization: You must track down information from multiple locations
  • Late filings: You might miss deadlines because it takes so long
  • Poor visibility: It’s hard to see if things are getting better or worse over time

Without a template, you’ll have a hard time determining how much money to set aside for employee wages. This can lead to cash flow disruptions and other liquidity issues. 

Using a template resolves most of these challenges. You can standardize the way you track quarterly wages and get a better view of salary-related expenses. In turn, you can use this info to run your business more efficiently. 

The benefits of using a quarterly payroll report template

Switching to a template allows you to ditch the pen-and-paper approach to payroll reporting. This simple change can also help you get more organized. When it’s time for your next quarterly report, you won’t have to hunt down dozens of pages in your notebook. 

Here are a few other reasons to use a quarterly payroll report template:

  • Accuracy: There’s less chance of making mistakes since you’re filling in predefined sections 
  • Consistency: All necessary information will be included every time 
  • Efficiency: You’ll save time and get back to other tasks sooner 
  • Timeliness: You can meet deadlines more easily 
  • Analysis: Having consistent data makes it simple to compare numbers from one quarter to the next 
  • Decision-making: It helps with planning and budgeting for the future

Getting organized leads to improved visibility. In turn, better insights into your company help you lead the business toward new growth opportunities. You can keep costs in check and seize chances to build your brand. 

Discover full-service payroll software for automated quarterly reporting, single-click payroll, and more

A quarterly payroll report template is a free and convenient way to improve your wage tracking processes. However, it’s not the best way. If you want to simplify quarterly reporting, When I Work can help. 

With full-service payroll software, When I Work has everything you need to make quarterly payroll tracking hassle-free. Here are some of the top perks of our platform. 

No more manual spreadsheets to track

We’ve got nothing against spreadsheets. They are way better than taking notes on a piece of paper. The question is, are they the optimal way to perform quarterly payroll reporting? Absolutely not!

With When I Work, you can get rid of your payroll spreadsheets. Our platform tracks everything. It even integrates with popular apps like QuickBooks. 

When I Work also functions as employee scheduling software. That means you can ditch your other spreadsheets, too. From tracking hours to building schedules, you can do it all in one user-friendly app. 

Get single-click payroll

When I Work also replaces your time clock. Employees can download the app and use it to clock in to work. The software will automatically track their hours and keeps that data on the platform. 

That means you can run payroll with just one click. It really is that easy. 

In addition, the platform offers geofencing capabilities and team messaging tools. This feature encourages honesty when clocking in and ensures team members are on-site before they start logging hours. You can use the feature to clear up discrepancies, such as if someone forgets to clock in or out. 

Automated quarterly tax reporting

Keeping up with tax reporting is essential for avoiding fines and staying up-to-date with the IRS. Falling behind can result in an accounting nightmare. 

As full-service payroll software, When I Work does much more than just crunch the numbers. It also automates your quarterly tax reporting processes. Imagine all the time you’ll save!

Monitor your cash flow with cash and summary reports

When you’re using When I Work to manage your team, keeping an eye on your money flow gets easier, thanks to our cash and summary reports. These reports show you a picture of how your cash has been moving over time. You can use this information to make smart choices about scheduling and employee pay. 

The best part is that our reports are customizable. You can look at small details, such as overtime worked by an individual person last quarter. You can also examine big-picture data, such as total shifts worked in the previous three months.

When I Work doesn’t just help you look back. It also provides a glimpse into what’s next for your business. You can examine trends and plan for the unexpected.

For instance, let’s say you notice an uptick in overtime during Q4 of 2023. With our tool, you can determine how much your payroll expenses rose and what caused it. If needed, you can set aside extra funds to cover OT expenses during Q4 of 2024. You can also proactively reduce overtime costs by improving your scheduling practices. 

Try When I Work for free and experience the difference 

Our free quarterly payroll report template can make tracking payroll a whole lot easier. However, it’s just one step toward greater business efficiency. When I Work offers all the tools you need to be more nimble and prevent wage-related accounting errors. 

Check out When I Work and reimagine the way you manage your schedule, payroll, and your team’s time. You’ll be glad you did.

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