Fitness Clubs Kick Off Spring With Productive Employee Scheduling

Gyms are generally busy year-round, but when the snow starts to melt and the world begins awakening from the grey chill and regaining some color, many winter couch potatoes get an extra burst of motivation. Perhaps it’s the extra daylight, or the thought of squeezing into a swimsuit, but by the time Spring has sprung, gyms have usually repopulated themselves with fresh faces ready to get fit for the warmer months. During this time of year, more people are joining gyms, personal trainers are taking on extra clients, and class instructors are rushing from location-to-location to teach packed classes. To keep the chaos under control, gyms must adopt a system that optimizes time management, and helps schedule employees across locations keep track of their schedules. Just think of how not having to worry about the schedule would impact the functionality of a fitness club…

  • Employees would save time and trouble by viewing their schedules across locations simultaneously, without having to drive from place-to-place.
  • Trainers would know when the next client is coming, and could plan ahead if they see a coworker is training another client at the same time.
  • Managers would view at once every employee’s requested time off, allowing them to successfully schedule around each employee’s needs, while ensuring they have enough staff to take care of members.
  • As new members join and seek personal training, managers could send a quick “open shift” message to all staff via text and email, simplifying the task of tending to new business.

Boosting productivity and time management through an organized schedule doesn’t need to be hypothetical. When I Work simplifies fitness club management through all the above elements and more. Check out the features page to see how When I Work can ease you into a stress-free Spring and beyond.