6 Ways to Bring Customers Into Your Coffee Shop This Fall

Dive into the art of attracting more customers to your coffee shop as the leaves begin to fall. Equip yourself with six innovative strategies to capitalize on the autumn vibes and keep your cafe buzzing with activity.

Key takeaways:

  • Embrace the season by introducing fall-inspired menu items, especially the ever-popular pumpkin spice.
  • Enhance your shop’s ambiance with tasteful fall decorations, striking a balance between festive and sophisticated.
  • Organize engaging seasonal events, from latte art classes to community movie nights, to foster a sense of community.
  • Launch enticing fall promotions, such as daylight savings discounts and charitable initiatives.
  • Adjust your operational hours to align with holiday shopping trends, ensuring you’re there when your customers need that caffeine boost.

A new season brings change in customer traffic, and as fall approaches, many customers fall into “hibernation mode” and skip out on their afternoon coffee. And as a coffee shop owner, you have a unique power to instill energy and a sense of community in your neighborhood. 

In this article, you’ll discover seven ways to harness that power to bring more people into your coffee shop this fall.

Table of contents

1. Pumpkin spice it up
2. Incorporate fall decor into the space
3. Plan a seasonal event
4. Host a fall promotion or sale
5. Offer an open mic night
6. Adjust your hours to accommodate holiday shopping

How to attract more customers to your coffee shop this fall

1. Pumpkin spice it up

There’s a reason why pumpkin spice is everywhere at the first hint of leaves changing color. 

It may seem overdone, but fall is the kickoff to seasonal celebrations, and customers love to get into it. Here are some ways that you could incorporate the pumpkin theme into your coffee shop this fall:

  • Consider adding a pumpkin spice flavor for your drinks, or explore hot ciders if you want to avoid pumpkin. 
  • Switch up your food or bakery items to include fall-inspired options (pumpkin, maple, or even just fall-themed shapes). 
  • Create signage to proclaim your fall-inspired menu items in the windows, near the checkout line, and write them in bright and bold lettering on the menu boards. 
  • Change up your menu to bring customers in to try something new and also shows that your product is applicable to the changing season.

And while you’re adding fall flavors, shapes, and colors into your menu, consider adding them to your space as well…

2. Incorporate fall decor into the space 

Decorate your shop with fall flowers and leaves on the tables, add small gourdes and mini pumpkins near the register, and update the colors of your menu board signs. 

Get your creative employees in on the decorating action—this could be a great team building event

Some seasonal décor shows that your shop is fun and personable, but beware of going overboard. Too many fake spider webs or scarecrows can come off as cheesy and distracting. Keep everything simple and make it compliment your store’s existing décor.

3. Plan a seasonal event

Host a seasonal event at your shop to encourage fall spirit as well as drive customers to your store. Not only can you improve visibility for your shop, but you can also bring your local community together.

Fall-themed coffee shop event ideas

  • Host a latte art event to teach locals how to create visuals (like pumpkins!) with their brew.
  • Hold a coloring contest or craft event (think leaf tracing) for the children in the neighborhood and display their art on one of your walls. 
  • Rent a projector and host a fall movie showing for the community.
  • Invite members of the community to an open poetry reading.
  • Take part in your city or neighborhood’s various fall events such as Harvest Festivals or pumpkin patches. Ask how you can get a booth or stand to sell coffee at the event. 

Be creative. As a coffee shop owner, you have a unique retail space that can mold itself to almost any type of event while providing coffee to the guests.

4. Host a fall promotion or sale 

Nobody can pass up a good promotion or sale. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to work on a fall-themed promotion to bring in the customers. 

Fall philanthropy promotion

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so consider holding a promotion to get customers to donate money to breast cancer research by contributing a certain percentage of proceeds toward breast cancer research. 

Daylight savings discount

Daylight savings is also in fall. Consider offering a discount or free extra shot of espresso the week leading up to the time change for anyone who comes in and is starting their work day before the sun rises (they probably need an extra boost of caffeine). 

Give out drink discounts as a halloween special

On Halloween, give discounts to trick-or-treaters (kids will need cocoa or cider to warm up, and parents might need some coffee to keep up with the impending sugar rush). 

Create a “BOGO” sale

All season long, consider holding a buy-one seasonal drink (pumpkin spice latte, cider, etc.) and get the second seasonal drink half-off type of sale. 

Have a sale on merchandise

And don’t forget to put your summer merchandise on clearance! As the weather gets cooler, put your summer items on sale to encourage customers to stock up for next year.

5. Offer an open mic night

Open up your store to a regularly scheduled event. As the season progresses, the colder air keeps people inside and the earlier sunset makes them turn in for the night sooner. Holding a reoccurring event gives customers an excuse to leave the house for some fun. 

Hold an open mic night, such as a poetry reading. Ask nearby stores or neighborhood artists to collaborate with you for your event. This event will create a more personal, community vibe for your shop and get customers feeling more comfortable in your shop and wanting to come back for more visits.

6. Adjust your hours to accommodate holiday shopping

Nothing can make the holiday shopping quite complete without a beverage from your favorite coffee shop in hand (especially if it’s going to be a long day). 

Consider adjusting your hours to accommodate shopping and holiday schedules. Ask your employees if they would be available for different hours around the holidays (specifically Black Friday morning) and spread the word that your shop will be open to facilitate your customers’ caffeinated shopping needs.


As the autumn leaves begin to fall, coffee shop owners have a golden opportunity to reinvigorate their businesses with fresh and festive ideas. From introducing pumpkin-themed delights to hosting community-centric events, there’s no shortage of coffee shop event ideas to keep your establishment bustling. 

To ensure smooth operations and effective team communication during these events, consider leveraging the power of When I Work. This employee scheduling and team communication software will streamline your processes, allowing you to focus on brewing success this fall. Try When I Work today and elevate your coffee shop experience!

Fall coffee shop event ideas: FAQs

What are some coffee shop event ideas to attract customers during the fall season?

You can host a variety of events such as latte art classes, coloring contests or craft events for children, fall movie showings for the community, open poetry readings, and participation in local fall events like Harvest Festivals.

How can I incorporate the fall theme into my coffee shop’s menu?

Consider adding popular fall flavors like pumpkin spice to your drinks, exploring alternatives like hot ciders, and introducing fall-inspired food or bakery items such as pumpkin, maple, or fall-themed shapes.

What are some decor ideas to give my coffee shop a fall vibe?

You can decorate with fall flowers and leaves on tables, place small gourds and mini pumpkins near the register, and update the colors of your menu board signs. However, it’s essential to avoid overdoing it to maintain a sophisticated ambiance.

Are there any promotional ideas to boost sales during the fall?

Yes, consider holding promotions related to Breast Cancer Awareness in October, offering daylight savings discounts, giving out drink discounts on Halloween, creating a “BOGO” sale for seasonal drinks, and putting summer merchandise on clearance.

How can I engage my employees in fall-themed activities?

Get your creative employees involved in decorating the shop, which can serve as a team bonding event. You can also collaborate with nearby stores or neighborhood artists for events like open mic nights to foster a community vibe.

Why is adjusting operational hours important during the holiday season?

Adjusting hours can accommodate holiday shopping schedules, ensuring that customers can grab their favorite beverage during long shopping days, especially during significant times, like Black Friday.

How can I ensure smooth operations during these fall events?

Consider using tools like When I Work, an employee scheduling and team communication software, to streamline processes and enhance team communication during these events.

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