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For workplaces that ebb and flow with the seasons, scheduling can be a hassle. Between finding seasonal employees and accommodating shifting employee schedules, it's easy to get overwhelmed. When I Work simplifies schedule management, even at your busiest times, with better communication, streamlined schedule changes, and mobile apps that let you update the schedule on-the-go. Sign up for a free account to learn how you can simplify employee scheduling and improve productivity at your hotel or resort business.

A better way to manage staff year-round.

hotel and resort staff scheduling software for hourly workers and managing employees with shift planning

Simplify Updates

When I Work makes schedule updates simple, fast, and mobile. If you need to add or remove a shift, simply use the mobile app on your iPhone or Android. Updates will automatically appear on the schedule when published.

Company-Wide Communication

Encourage communication among employees and between management and staff with When I Work. Employees can quickly find shift replacements, then send the shift swap to the manager for approval, all from their mobile phones.

Courtyard by Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott





"It used to take me about 30-40 minutes per week to schedule the Guest Services Team at SpringHill Suites. I tested several solutions but ultimately chose When I Work because of the time savings. When I joined the Courtyard Downtown Salt Lake City team, I immediately implemented When I Work and now- scheduling 3 departments only takes me five minutes per week."

-Garrett Waters, Dir of Operations at Courtyard by Marriott, Salt Lake City Downtown

Key Values

Time Savings

Flexibility from Mobile Apps

Real-time updates

Garrett first encountered When I Work when he was the front office manager at SpringHill Suites and was looking for a more efficient way to schedule the guest services team. Prior to When I Work, he used a paper system to track employee availability, scheduling changes, and manually edited the schedule which took a lot of time and focus away from the business.

After evaluating several tools in the market including ReadySetWork, Garrett ultimately selected When I Work because it was built for the 24 hour business. As a hotel, Garrett needed the ability to process scheduling changes from anywhere and update his team in real-time.

For a successful Guest Services Team, Garrett relied on the team communication features in When I Work. Using annotations, Garrett can share business announcements about upcoming events in town. He can also block time off requests for special event days. He also discovered that the app helped reduce absenteeism and improve employee accountability through shift reminders.

When the Courtyard Downtown Salt Lake City opened in October 2015- Garrett knew he needed to implement When I Work. Garrett has since expanded his scheduling responsibilities to multiple departments including events and bistro and can complete his scheduling in less than 15 minutes.

Using When I Work has helped Garrett save time, improve team communication, reduce absentee-ism, and offered more schedule visibility for both management and staff. Now, when a new team member joins, Garrett only has to spend a couple minutes explaining the basic functions of the app and his staff is ready to start working!

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