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Working in the call center and customer support industry requires a knack for keeping up with fast-paced, round-the-clock responsibility. When I Work gives call center employees the tools they need to make scheduling efficient, convenient, and accessible.

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call center and customer support scheduling software for hourly workers and managing employees with shift planning

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Click to view the entire schedule, or quickly filter by position or location, so you never get lost in details again.

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"We realized that the majority of scheduling apps out there are catered to the 9am - 5pm workday - which Bellhops is not. We have a unique workforce by employing busy college students and once I saw how easy it was to use the My Availability tool, everyone was happier!"

-Matt Harb, Director of Customer Experienc

Key Values

Reduces schedulingtime by several hours each week

Reliable mobile app to connect the workforce

Happier employees who feel ownership over their availability to take shifts

Bellhops utilizes apps to connect athletic college students with people and businesses who are in need of moving help and lifting labor. As part of their success, Bellhops operates a call center to help bring in even more business!

Prior to using When I Work, Bellhops's Call Center Manager utilized PlanDay to build out the schedule for 60 employees. However, they soon discovered that PlanDay was not a reliable platform to communicate with employees and also did not provide critical integrations to payroll providers such as Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll).

Bellhops selected When I Work because it was built for the hourly workforce beyond the 9-5 business hours. Not only can employees set their preferred hours, they can also quickly file time off requests and communicate with colleagues. Managers also loved the When I Work app because it included clock in capabilities as well as Labor Budgeting monitoring all in 1 place.

Using When I Work at Bellhops simplified internal proccesses that used to take a lot of time and focus away from their business. Now, with a reliable tool to improve team communication, Bellhops is planning on rolling out When I Work to their entire business in over 130+ different cities.

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