Re-opening Your Business Resource Center

As states start to embark on reopening plans, you might have a lot of questions about what to do next and what the new guidelines are. We created this resource to help you navigate all the different areas you may be thinking about while reopening. 

How to Create Your Re-opening Plan

The first step of reopening is creating your plan. Below are resources that will help you make one specific to your location and business. Each state and industry has different regulations. As the CDC and other entities publish their regulations, we will keep this list updated. 

  • Step one is to understand the guidance for your specific state. Stare with this interactive map that will show you what level of opening your state is at and the guidelines associated.
  • Create a flyer for your business to inform customers what you are doing. This state specific tool will ensure you get the right information on your flyer.
  • An interactive view on which states are re-opening and what will be re-opening next presented with cases of COVID-19 in each state.
Safety regulations for employees and customers

As part of your plan, you’ll need to consider how to keep your employees and customers safe. 

Once you have your reopening plan ready, it’s time to start thinking about how to welcome your customers back. Consumer habits have changed during this time. How your customers want to shop now and what they are shopping for may have changed. Use these resources to understand new ways you can reconnect with your customers.  

Resources for bringing your team back

Lastly, and most importantly, you need to have a plan for how you will bring back your team. You’ll need to communicate new procedures, potentially retrain, and make them feel safe returning to work. Now is a good time to update your employee management policies as they may have changed due to the current situation. 

Resources for When I Work Customers

As a When I Work customer, you have access to features that will help you communicate, plan, and share your reopening plans. Below you will find features that may be useful to you during this time and how to use them. 

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