Management Tip: Drop the Facade, Gain Respect

“The boss” is a favorite token role of modern day comedy. Just think of iconic managers such as Michael Scott, Bill Lumbergh, and Jack Donaghy, whose clueless, arrogant, and condescending lines are quoted by viewers, while their characters are mocked by employees on the screen. Although egos, facades, and superiority complexes may win for comedy, putting up a front in the real world is far less funny. A recent “Management Tip of the Day” from Thompson Reuters discusses the importance of authenticity in the office. The article states, “When you try to be someone else, it erodes trust and effectiveness and causes people to question your true identity.”

Perhaps you’re not as large of an offender as Michael Scott, but as a manager, you’re still tempted to come off as perfect, experienced, and prepared for anything. However, letting your employees see the real you – imperfections and all – encourages the building of trust and respect.  Everyone manages differently, but no matter your management style, there are probably ways for you to show your true colors and be authentic with your employees. What do you do to encourage trust and respect in your workplace?