The Best Articles On Hiring & Firing Employees

As the owner of your business and manager of your team, you’re responsible for hiring the people who will help take your business to the next level and firing the people who are holding you and your business back. When you hire or fire someone, you need and want to feel like you’re making the right decision. Whether you’re hiring or firing your first employee or your tenth, you can benefit from reading the articles listed in this post. They’ll give you the confidence you need when it comes time to decide who you ultimately want on your team.

The Best Articles on Hiring Employees

Hiring employees is a big deal. It’s not a task that should be taken lightly as a business owner. To be more prepared to hire employees and build your team, read through some or all of the articles listed below:

18 Creative Ways To Find Employees by Jaqueline Thomas

30 Secrets to Hiring the Right People by Catherine Clifford

9 Steps to Building and Coaching a Killer Team by Stephen Key

7 Tips for Hiring the Team Your Startup Needs to Succeed by Alastair Mitchell

Hiring Motivated And Engaged Employees by Ken Sundheim

5 Things to Consider When Hiring Friends by Steve Tobak

How to Hire Employees Your Clients Will Love by Laura Montini

Google Has 5 Secret Hiring Principles. What Are Yours? by Erik Sherman

25 Wacky Interview Questions That Work by Laura Entis

The Business Case for Re-Hiring Former Employees by Chad Brooks

5 Hiring Mistakes Most Business Owners Make by Chad Halvorson

These 4 Personalities Make Up Your Startup ‘Dream Team’ by Don Fornes

10 Hiring Tips for Your Small Business by Lauren Drell

Richard Branson: 3 Tips on How to Hire the Right People by Zoë Henry

5 Tips For A Winning Candidate Experience by Meghan M. Biro

5 Secrets to Hiring a Winner by Minda Zetlin

The Best Articles on Firing Employees

From the awkward “come into my office” and termination letter, firing employees is never easy,  but unfortunately it does have to happen from time to time. To make sure you’re making the right decision and to be better prepared, read through some or all of the articles listed below:

Should That Employee Be Fired? Ask These 5 Questions First by Doug and Polly White

How to Fire Employees With Compassion by Dan Yoo

4 Secrets to Firing Your First Employee by Heather R. Huhman

How to Let Go of Employees With Love and Dignity by Sandi Krakowski

How Not to Fire Employees in the Social Media Age by Ashley Lee

Make the Firing Process Easier by Chris McIntyre

Firing the “So-So” Workers by Venuri Siriwardane

3 Steps to Firing an Employee Who’s Not a Cultural Fit by Ilan Mochari

How to Fire an Employee and Stay Within the Law by Caron Beesley

How to Discipline and Fire Employees by Larry Rosenfeld

Ten Things Not to Say When Firing an Employee by Jonathan A. Segal

12 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Letting An Employee Go by Chad Halvorson

Firing Someone the Right Way by Ron Ashkenas

How to Fire an Employee by Chris Musselwhite

What other articles should be on this list? Let me know in the comments section below. I will be regularly updating and adding to this list from time to time!

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