COVID-19 Resource Center

The When I Work community is feeling the impacts of this crisis in many different ways. We’ve heard your questions over the last week and built this resource center for you. You’ll see several different categories for resources that reflect the information you told us you need. This resource center is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather it’s meant to help solve your top problems and answer your most asked questions.

Last updated: 04/08/19

  • If your business is experiencing fluctuations, please contact our Customer Care team for support with your When I Work account 
  • When I Work is committed to helping you maintain communication and ease your scheduling burden, no matter how your business is fluctuating right now. We put together a list of features you can use right now that will help you communicate everything from shift changes to new procedures with your When I Work account. 
  • Several industries are growing rapidly right now and are actively hiring. If your employees are looking for employment options, share this ongoing list of places that are hiring with them.
  • Unemployment varies by state. Share these resources with your employees so they can start the process: