“All Things are Difficult Before they are Easy” –Thomas Fuller

For most people, change stirs up some conflicting feelings. Technology, which is ever changing, is a perfect example of something that can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. After all, why does something that is supposed to make life easier have to be so hard to understand? Whether you own your own business or simply work for one, you must adjust to using new technologies in order to appear hip, up-to-date, and relevant. Think about how social media has changed corporate marketing. If I can’t find you on Facebook or Twitter, are you even a real company?

I know you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to sit down and try to understand new ways to schedule my employees and market myself.” I have good news for you though; as with most things in life, it’s difficult before it’s easy, but once it’s easy you will be thankful you upped your game and made small, yet powerful adjustments, to improve your business.

Think of your first reaction to Facebook. For me, I thought, “How creepy! What in the world would I put on a profile page?” When status updates came out, that seemed ridiculous too, “Why should anyone know what I’m doing or thinking about right now?” Then, as status updates became the norm, Twitter took over the instant-update universe. Technology evolves over time, and the initially strange usually becomes the standard.

When I Work may also seem unfamiliar to some people. Before I started working for thisCLICKS, I had no idea that mobile scheduling tools existed. Scheduling employees via websites and mobile phones sounded complicated at first., After working with the software, however, I realized that my college years as a server would have been much simpler if I could have done everything via web and phone.

Technology can be scary, but simply taking the time to understand it will not only make it easy, but can give you new tools to make big changes in your life and business. So give the strange, intimidating, and new a try. Once you do you will never look back.