5 Ways Your Employees Can Help You Land New Clients


Since the beginning of business, getting new clients and customers has always been an issue. Advertising through newspapers, television or billboards is an effective, yet expensive way to attract customers. However, a simple, free way to advertise is to get people talking. And not just people, but the people who work for you. Here, you’ll find tips and tricks on how your employees can help you grab a larger slice of the market and have fun doing it.

1. Swag

First rule of anything: Everything’s better when it’s free. Offer your employees something for nothing and odds are they’ll take it. Give them an item with your company logo or company info and you have an instant walking advertisement. Put some thought into what items you use and work with a designer to create an interesting, informative logo. If you design something eye-catching, it’ll attract attention and lead to buzz about your business.

2. Guerilla Marketing

This form of marketing has been used by clubs to promote new acts or new drinks. It’s even been spoofed on an episode of “Parks and Recreation.” Putting your company logo on a tshirt is an example of guerilla marketing. You can create simple guerilla marketing campaigns or use more creative campaigns. Oscar Mayer’s WeinerMobile is a famous example of this type of marketing. Oscar-Mayer created an original attraction—a hot dog shaped car—and created a stir of interest from anyone who saw it. This helped Oscar Mayer become the most well-known brand of hot dogs in the United States.

One thing to note about guerilla marketing is that you won’t have concrete data on how well the campaign worked—it’s a “wait and see” method, but if done right, it can be a good way to make your business more visible.

3. Referral Program

With a referral program, you’re able to obtain accurate data around your advertising and marketing strategies. A referral program means that current customers are rewarded for bringing in potential clients during a limited time. This type of marketing creates word of mouth that tracks customer behavior and can increase your customer base.

4. Coupons (via Social Media)

Using social media to post coupons for special deals is an inexpensive form of marketing. Posting a link on Twitter or Facebook is a simple way to spread the word about your business and services.

5. Make your employees happy.

Simple as that. A happy employee is your best advertising opportunity, especially now that social media is widely used. If you’re getting nothing but positive feedback from your employees, you can bet they’re sharing that feedback with their loved ones and friends. Word of mouth will spread and it costs nothing.