The Pocket Book of Management Hacks

To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to learn how to become an effective manager. This ebook addresses 25 of the most common obstacles entrepreneurs and startup founders face, and offers tips on how to overcome them.


No one ever said owning a business would be easy. If it was, everyone would do it. By reading this ebook written by Rob Wormley, you’ll gain valuable insight on the types of obstacles you’ll likely face at one time or another during your time as an entrepreneur and manager of people. Then you'll learn how to overcome them. This ebook includes:

  • 25 Obstacles You'll Face As an Entrepreneur
  • Solutions You Can Use To Overcome The Obstacles
  • Additional Resources and Inspiration To Help You Along The Way

What Others Are Saying

I loved reading this ebook because it gave me tips that I could actually use right away to improve and grow my business.

James Thompson, Business Owner

Love this book! Definitely a must-read for any manager or leader of a team!

Diana Jackson, Business Owner