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If you're coordinating an event, you need to make sure every food item, booth setup, activity corner etc. makes it from point A to point B in time, but you also need to ensure you have enough volunteers to cover all your bases. Even for short events, the number of volunteers you need, and the amount of varying schedules you need to take into account, provides a challenge that you likely don't have time to do on your own. The employee scheduling software from When I Work will help you spend less time on building schedules, communicating with employees, and tracking time, so that you can spend more time creating great experiences, memories, and unforgettable events for your customers.

Focus on your mission, not the schedule.

volunteer staff scheduling software for hourly workers and managing employees with shift planning

Instant Updates

Events never go as planned, but with When I Work you can prepare for the unexpected. Trade requests, open shifts, and schedule changes are automatically sent via text and email to each employee, so you can fix issues instantly.

Conflict-Free Scheduling

When I Work's drag-and-drop scheduler makes scheduling simple, so managers can avoid availability confusion and scheduling conflicts. At a glance view each employees availability, and create a schedule to help your event run smoothly.

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