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Working in the healthcare industry requires a knack for keeping up with fast-paced, round-the-clock responsibility. Nurses are on-the-go more often than not, caregivers run from location-to-location to work with patients, and employees at independent practices usually wear multiple hats throughout the day. When I Work gives healthcare workers the tools they need to make scheduling efficient, convenient, and accessible.

Simplified scheduling. Better communication.

healthcare scheduling software for hourly workers and managing employees with shift planning

Flexible Locations

No more running around from location-to-location to schedule. One click allows you to switch between schedules at various locations, and assign employees to shifts at one location, or multiple.

Connected Staff

Don't let schedule changes impact your level of patient care. With When I Work, staff can request shift trades, grab open shifts, and check schedule updates, all from their phones.

Caring Transitions

Caring Transitions





"Before When I Work, we used email to decide who would be available to pick up a shift. However, these email chains grew very long and became very noisy about our employee’s personal lives impacting their ability to take a shift. Using When I Work helped our staff become more professional about setting their availability preferences and it also saved me time when scheduling an upcoming project."

-Johanne Lebeau, Owner of Caring Transitions of Bozeman, MT

Key Values

Time Savings

Easy to Use platforms

Improved Employee accountability for assigned shifts

Caring Transitions of Bozeman, MT provides professional relocation services for seniors. As the Owner of Caring Transitions of Bozeman, Johanne’s responsibility is to match the most qualified employee to specific tasks and achieve a successful relocation project.

Prior to When I Work, Johanne spent approximately 2 hours every week using email to assign upcoming client projects. Because a majority of her staff are Part-Time/On-Demand, it was difficult to track their changing availability. In addition, when a new client project was available, it required long email interactions until the shift was picked up by an employee. Johanne soon realized that in order for her to grow the business, she needed to find a new process to handle scheduling and save time.

Johanne selected When I Work because it was recommended by the corporate offices to help become more efficient. When a new project comes in, she can use When I Work to quickly create the shift, see who is available, and assign the shift all within 10 minutes. Training Employees took less than 10 minutes and they enjoy the ability to submit their availability online and receive emails reminding them about an upcoming shift. Employees are also more satisfied with their assigned shifts as they can take ownership over their updating their availability preferences.

Using When I Work at Caring Transitions of Bozeman simplified team communication that previously took a lot of time away from the business. She’s now spending more time dedicated to growing her business and developing a stronger tie to the Bozeman community.

Chimes Delaware

Chimes provides staffing to Group Homes on a round the clock 24/7 schedule. They have over 300 employees working at over 50 Group Homes. Employee roles include; house manager and direct support professionals.





"[When I Work] is well worth the money. We evaluated it for six months and it did everything we wanted. It is very beneficial to us for controlling overtime costs."

-Michael Dube, Program Director

Key Values

Increased efficiency for house managers

Reduced overtime expenses

Increased communication with staff


To effectively manage the schedule of 300-plus employees across 50 different locations. Prior to using When I Work, the schedules were done manually on a spreadsheet and hardcopies were distributed to employees. Managing schedules was very time-consuming. Inadequate employee communication resulted in missed shifts, employees working too many hours, and resulted in increased overtime costs.


When I Work streamlined the schedule creation and communication process. Each House Manager can easily schedule staff assignments and manage allocated hours simultaneously. Overtime has been greatly reduced. Employees like the two-way text messaging for alerts and reminders.







"Our Employees really enjoy the intuitive infrastructure of the mobile app. They like that they can set up their availability preferences so Store Managers can avoid scheduling conflicts. For me, I like how the Labor Budget Calculator tells me how much I need to budget for to help with planning."

-Benny Farzad, Owner of Farzad Family Nutrition dba GNC

Key Values

Time Savings

Reduce Absenteeism

Improve staff accountability to assigned shifts

GNC (General Nutrition Corporation) stores provides a retail experience focusing on nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals and herbs. In 2011, Benny Farzad became a GNC franchisee and now operates three locations: Fort Worth, Dallas, and Highlands, Texas employing 50 team members.

Prior to When I Work, Benny used Excel to develop each store’s schedule. However, many of his staff have unique availability, and offentimes this resulted in large volumes of swap or drop shift requests submitted to Managers. It soon became evident that the manual workflow for filing requests impacted the efficiency of store operations.

Benny shared his scheduling frustrations with another GNC franchisee who recommended starting a free 30 day trial with When I Work. During the trial, he was able to quickly create Shift Templates and Schedule Templates to save time.

Employees also enjoy the mobile apps where they can update their contact information, enter Availability, as well as turn on Shift Reminders. This helped Managers hold employees accountable to shifts during their preferred availability as well as reduce absenteeism. To help with financial planning, Benny also entered the wages of his employees which enables the Labor Budget Calculator and estimates the labor costs per day for each store.

Using When I Work simplified team communication and produced time savings. Benny now spends less than 1 hour per week to schedule his three stores! With an intuitive platform, Benny only needs to spend a little time to help his new employees get started with the app and he can focus on new ways to grow his business!

Omineca Clinic

Omineca Clinic has 14 employees in multiple job roles, ranging from emergency room and operating room personal, anesthesiology, nursing, oncology, to administration.





"[When I Work lets us] set up scheduling with all different shifts and times, it saves a lot of time. [With] other scheduling software, you actually have to type in the times for the shifts, they were very tedious."

-Dr. Gideon Lamprecht, Owner

Key Values

Better communication

Saves time scheduling

Improved reliability


With a rotating staff of doctors with varying availability, scheduling is a top priority for Omineca Clinic. Scheduling was previously done manually by spreadsheet, and it proved difficult to get all 14 employees together to fill in their availability for the coming weeks. All communications and changes were done manually, making the task very time-intensive for the staff creating the schedule.


After implementing When I Work, setting up the schedule is much quicker and easier than before. Employees can manage their availability for the week and because every employee has the application on their smartphone, they can access the schedule without having to go into the clinic. When I Work saves time and reduces headaches for all the employees of Omineca Clinic.

Vision Source Specialist

Vision Source Specialist





"It used to take me about 1-2 hours per week to schedule just one of our stores. As we expanded to four stores, I needed a more efficient tool to help me save time. When I Work is perfect for our business because it allows me to schedule all four locations in minutes!"

-Paula Morrow, General Manager for Vision Source Specialists

Key Values

Time Savings

Easy to Use

Real-Time Updates

Vision Source Specialists is a top provider of comprehensive eye care and vision correction supplies in the Black Hills, SD area. As part of their success, Vision Source Specialists offers personalized patient care to help the community achieve and maintain healthy vision!

Prior to using When I Work, Paula Morrow, General Manager, created the schedule using an Excel spreadsheet. On average, this took her about 1-2 hours every week. As her scheduling responsibilities expanded to four store locations, she knew that she needed a more efficient tool to help her plan staff coverage.

Paula selected When I Work because it offers massive time savings. By using Schedule Templates for her bi-weekly rotation, she can quickly load in her required coverage for each location. With one click, she can notify her staff via email and push notifications/ SMS message of the newly published shifts.

Employees also enjoy the flexibility of the mobile app which offers easy visibility to the schedule and ability to file Swap or Drop Shift requests in real-time. Paula can then process these requests from the web or mobile app. These real-time changes ensures that her team is accountable to their shifts.

Using When I Work simplified internal processes that used to take a lot of time and focus away from the business. With all the time-savings gained from using When I Work- she can better focus on more ways to grow the business!

Hospitalist Organization

This group of 23 physicians works at multiple hospitals and clinics providing care for patients.



"We selected When I Work because it was the most advanced and easy to use. We like how we can log-in from our iPhones."

-Administrative Manager, Hospitalist Organization

Key Values

Reduces scheduling demands by several hours each week

Enhances communications between staff and physicians

Reduces stress and increases productivity for physicians


Without a centralized office location, physicians rely on a daily schedule for managing appointments. Scheduling was previously created manually, and then communicated to the doctor by email and telephone. Last minute appointment changes and cancellations required phone calls to doctors. Many times doctors were difficult to reach and frequently schedule changes required multiple calls. This resulted in wasted time, missed appointments and frustrated clients.


When I Work scheduling was implemented throughout the organization. Many doctors have the application on their smartphone to access their schedules and get automatic updates. Others opt to receive text messages. The number of phone calls to doctors has dropped considerably. When I Work reduces administrative time in managing the schedule, increases doctor efficiency and improves client satisfaction.

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