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When I Work helps fire and EMS organizations schedule and communicate with employees and emergency responders. It uses the web, text messaging and mobile apps to give supervisors and employees access to the schedule 24/7/365 —from anywhere. There's nothing to install. Everything is web- and mobile-based, which means you and your employees can use it from a web browser or mobile phone.

The easiest way to schedule firefighters and EMS personnel.

firefighter and ems staff scheduling software for hourly workers and managing employees with shift planning

Save Time + Money

Spend less time managing the schedule and communicating with everyone about it. At a glance, know who's available and where they need to be. Make schedule tweaks, or approve requests with free smartphone scheduling apps.

Improve Productivity

Keep your firefighters and emergency responders productive by putting the schedule online and on their phones. With When I Work, your emergency responders have 24/7 access to their work schedule via the web, mobile apps, text messaging and email.

Admiral Security Services

Admiral Security Services





"With such a large team of employees out on the field, finding When I Work to process time off requests and swap/ drop shifts saved approximately 2-3 hours per week!"

-Sean Martinez, Director of Operations

Key Values

Full control over the schedule with clear schedule visibility to the team

Increased employee accountability

Improved team communication on upcoming shifts

Established in 2004, Admiral Security Services provides comprehensive security solutions by implementing and maintaining custom programs with clients across several states in the Southeastern United States. A sample of the services provided at their local offices include: providing professional armed and unarmed uniformed security officers, vehicle patrols, risk assessments, and control center security management.

Prior to using When I Work, Sean Martinez, Director of Operations utilized Excel to build out the schedule for his 94 employees. However, he soon discovered that Excel was not a reliable means to hold employees accountable to upcoming shifts at his 22 different locations. Staff also found the Excel Schedule to be cumbersome because they had to either call into the office or visit their workplace to discover their upcoming shifts. Additionally, the Excel Schedule was too rigid when compared to the constantly changing workforce demands.

Admiral Security Services selected When I Work because it was built for the hourly workforce beyond the 9-5 business hours. Managers enjoyed the app because they now can track when employees have seen their upcoming shifts. Employees also enjoy the mobility of the apps and no longer need to travel onsite or call in to find their upcoming shifts.

Using When I Work at Admiral Security Services simplified team communication and improved visibility to the changing schedule. As they hire more employees, When I Work has become incorporated as part of the new hire onboarding.

Clearcreek Township Police

The Clearcreek Township police department has a staff of 18 with the typical mix of Patrol Sergeants, Patrol Officers, Part-time Patrol Officers, and Administrative Staff.





"We had been doing spreadsheets for three or four years and just felt that there had to be a better way. When I Work does everything we wanted. The officers like it because it eliminates paperwork and is convenient. We don't mess with time off request sheets anymore."

-Wallace Stacy, Administrative Sergeant

Key Values

Saves time by eliminating paperwork

Streamlines time-off requests and approval

Enhances staff communications


Prior to using When I Work, the staff schedule was created manually using a spreadsheet and then posted for staff. Officers and staff would submit time-off requests for supervisor approval; the supervisor would then revise and re-post the schedule. Shift changes and swaps were also time and labor intensive. When Officers had questions about the schedule, they would need to contact the Administrative Sergeant, which was time-consuming and inconvenient.


When I Work was chosen as the scheduling solution because of its strong scheduling management and integrated officer communication system. In addition it was extremely easy to learn and simple to use. When I Work's on-line approval process for time off and schedule changes has eliminated many of the forms and written permissions. Patrol Officers and Sergeants like the convenience of being able to review schedules on their phones.

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