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If you're in charge of scheduling staff for events, or if you run a catering company, the employee schedules you build are complex and never the same. Your event locations change day-to-day, your staff can be seasonal, part-time, full-time, or one-time-only, and the positions may vary by event. When I Work helps simplify all of of this information to keep scheduling simple for managers and employees, no matter where the job takes them.

A clever liaison between crew and manager.

catering staff scheduling software for hourly workers and managing employees with shift planning

Site Check

With Sites, you can easily assign employees to a specific job-site or address. Then, easily filter your schedule viewing by selecting particular Sites. In a click, you'll see where you have people assigned, and where you need to add more shifts.

Informed Staff

When I Work tells your employees so much more about their shifts than simply when and where. Add Shift Notes to give your staff specifics about the positions they will be working at an event, so they're prepared to do their best.

Studio 33

Studio 33





"When I Work isn’t only a scheduling app for me. It’s also a team communication tool so I can quickly share information - a vital part of my businesses."

-Brian Jackson, President/ COO of Studio 33

Key Values

Streamlined Team Communication

Excellent Customer Care Team to answer questions through Live Chat and email

Mobile Apps allow awareness into the business through push notifications and SMS

Studio 33 was founded by Brian Jackson in 1986 to provide lighting, sound installations, special effects, and event rental solutions and have worked with artists such as Toby Keith and Pat Benatar as well as special effects for “The Grinch” (movie). In addition to Studio 33, Brian also oversees Folsom Historic District Ice Rink, a unique seasonal circular rink which employs a large population of high school students.

When I Work was a fit for both of Brian’s businesses because he is always on the go traveling between the different offices. He relies on his mobile When I Work app to send push notifications if an employee clocks in late or is a No Show. Brian also needs to quickly fill shifts and communicate with his various teams about special events such as Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at the Ice Rink.

With an average employee turnover rate of 30-40% every year at the Folsom Ice Rink, Brian hosts an Orientation Day for his new hires to get them situated with the app’s basic functions. In contrast, the team at Studio 33 is a bit more stable and Brian enjoys that employees can directly contact When I Work’s support team if they have questions so he can focus on other parts of the business.

Using When I Work helped Brian streamline his business so he can enjoy other facets of his life including his lifelong interest racing as a NASCAR driver!

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