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If you manage the schedule for a nursing home, clinic, residential care or other care facility, you have your hands full trying to work around variable shifts at changing locations, sometimes within the same day of work. By providing staff around-the-clock access to their schedules, When I Work reduces absences and missed shifts. Sign up for free and find out how easy it is to reduce overtime scheduling and streamline labor management.

A clever liaison between caregiver and patient.

caregiver staff scheduling software for hourly workers and managing employees with shift planning

Prepared Employees

Never let another employee be confused about their shift. With When I Work's Shift Notes, managers can add shift-specific information to help their employees be as informed as possible as they care for patients.

Simple Mobility

Even employees without a smartphone can connect with management and other caregivers while on-the-go. Not only do they receive shift notifications via text and email, they can even grab open shifts with a one-word text.

Off-Site Scheduling

If your employees do home visits, use the Sites feature to create off-site shifts. While viewing the schedule, select specific Sites, or view all employee shifts, so at-a-glance you can see where your staff are scheduled.

Quick, Informed Scheduling

Don't let an active schedule become a chaotic schedule. When I Work's drag-and-drop Scheduler lets your view availability, time-off-requests, and potential overtime as you schedule. Publish with one click and you're done.

Spring Wind Assisted Living & Memory Care

Spring Wind Assisted Living & Memory Care





"Scheduling used to be such a hot topic with the nurses when we used Excel. Now [with When I Work], all I have to do is make small changes to the schedule and I can publish it to everyone very quickly! With more reliable staffing coverage, the residents are safer too!"

-Jessica Stalder, Clinical Services Director

Key Values

Saved 10 hours per week with processing scheduling

Flexible scheduling to accommodate a 24-hour business

Improved schedule visibility for all employees

Spring Wind Assisted Living & Memory Care (part of the larger Edgewood Management Group) is located in Laramie, WY and provides Assisted Living and Short Term stays where residents have 24-hour access to a registered nurse. As part of Jessica’s role as Clinical Services Director, it’s her responsibility to ensure nurses and CNAs are scheduled around the clock to provide dependable care in Spring Wind's community.

Prior to When I Work, Spring Wind scheduled nurses and CNAs on Excel. Using this Excel scheduling system to manage employees, Jessica devoted approximately six hours per week to creating the schedule and another 4 hours to making last minute changes for swap/drop requests.

Spring Wind selected When I Work for its ability to schedule nurses and CNAs beyond the 9-5 business hours. Now, employees can quickly enter their preferred hours and submit Time O requests in one app. Employees also enjoy the ability to check the schedule to see if their favorite colleagues are also working at the same time. Jessica also enjoys setting up Annotations to introduce new residents to the sta for a warmer welcome.

Using When I Work at Spring Wind simplified internal processes that used to take a lot of time and focus away from their residents. Now, with the 10 extra hours saved from scheduling, the Clinical Services Team can build out better quality programs for residents.

Bunch Care Homes

Bunch Care Homes has a staff of 10 employees, primarily caregivers for adults with disabilities.





"Key thing is that we are a small business - it’s a foster home for disabled adults, cared for in my home. These people have very high care needs and that’s why I need so much staff. [When I Work] makes people feel like they have a real job, working for a real company that manages things in a high tech way. It gives the company more credibility as a business."

-Autumn Bunch, Owner

Key Values

Better communication

Reduced absenteeism

Better organization


Caring for adults with disabilities is a round-the-clock job. With a staff of just ten providing intensive care, proper scheduling is a top priority. Scheduling was previously done manually by a spreadsheet and was not very organized; all communications and changes were done manually. The employees all had smartphones and wanted an app where they could easily view and manage their schedules.


After implementing When I Work, setting up the schedule became much quicker and easier than before. Every employee has the application on their smartphone and can access their schedule and get reminders for last minute changes and shift openings. When I Work saves management time scheduling and ensures adequate staffing levels so the focus remains on providing quality care.

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