How Shift Inflexibility Disproportionately Impacts Women

Irregular and inflexible scheduling practices make it difficult for shift-based female workers to work full-time schedules—or work at all. Women in shift-based workplaces are an invisible demographic—so it’s important to talk about this issue. Learn why they’re leaving the labor force, why you want them to come back to work for you, and how you can use scheduling flexibility to bring them back.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

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Women need you to understand how much pressure they face outside of work.


Employees want to be a part of scheduling, so they can work more for you.


Businesses can keep the dialogue open to share best practices.

Featured Speaker

Ginny Drinker

Ginny Drinker

VP, Strategic Alliances @ When I Work

Ginny has 15 years experience in the business development, product, and strategy areas of human capital management in technology. Previously, she led strategic alliances at Ultimate Software (now UKG) and Benefitfocus.