Scheduling all seasonal, part-time staff with complicated schedules that include school, sports, and activities took almost two full days each week.


Use When I Work to let employees find shift coverage on their own when they need time off because of other commitments.

Before using When I Work, Mike and Julie were spending days each week trying to build the work schedule around a part-time staff that mainly consisted of active students who needed shifts around school, sports, and activities.

After getting a recommendation for When I Work from another local business, Mike and Julie found that they could build a work schedule in just a few hours and let their employees swap and drop shifts. They empowered their staff to take accountability for the schedule when they needed time off to find their own shift coverage.

Now scheduling only takes a few hours each week and their employees love using the app to make their work life easier. Mike and Julie are using the extra time each week to do what they’re passionate about, which is helping their employees build skills they need in the future.

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