Top 10 Payroll Software Solutions For Healthcare In 2024

As the healthcare industry continues to face strict regulations and overwhelmed workforces, healthcare payroll processing is more important than ever. If you’re looking for a way to simplify the process while keeping labor costs down and compliance on track, a software platform can help you do just that.

Here are a few key things to know about choosing payroll software for the healthcare industry:

  • Accurate calculations affect both compliance and employee experience
  • Real-time data insights help you keep costs down while providing great care
  • Software should streamline payroll so that it only takes one click
  • Extra features like scheduling, timesheets, and accounting integrations are necessary
  • Transparent pricing is vital for tight budgets

The following are the top 10 healthcare payroll software options in 2024:

1. When I Work

2. Paycor

3. UKG

4. HR for Health

5. APS Payroll

6. Netchex

7. OnPay

8. Gusto

9. isolved

10. Workday HCM

Benefits and features to look for in healthcare payroll software

Businesses in the healthcare industry have unique payroll needs, especially when it comes to compliance and keeping labor costs down. Here are some of the features and benefits healthcare practices and facilities should look for when it comes to payroll software for healthcare.

Real-time insights into labor costs

Because many healthcare facilities use contractors to shore up their workforce, it’s important to keep a close eye on labor costs. This not only preserves resources for patient care, but also passes cost savings on to the patient, thereby increasing satisfaction.

Overtime pay calculations

Unpaid overtime can lead to Fair Labor Standards Act violations, for which there are hefty fines and penalties. You need a payroll solution to help you avoid complaints and pay employees accurately.

Extra features

Healthcare businesses need robust features and integrations to help streamline operations in a busy industry. Features like employee scheduling help simplify the process and decrease the number of software platforms healthcare HR professionals must use to get the job done.

Comparison table: Healthcare payroll software

With so many options out there, it’s important to compare prices, features, and support to know what’s best for you. Here are some key considerations as you evaluate your options. 

SoftwarePriceFeatures and benefitsSupport
When I Work$40/mo. + $6/mo. per checkFlat pricing for easy budgeting
-One-click payroll
-Real-time labor cost insights
-Multi-location support
-Quickbooks integration
-Live chat
PaycorRequest a quote-Auto-schedule payroll runs
-Automatic compliance updates
-Employee self-service platform
-Live chat
-Knowledge base
UKGRequest a quote-Focused on employee experience
-Automated custom workflows
-Employee earned wage access
-Community forum discussions
HR for HealthStarting at $399/mo. per location-Time clock integration
-Live compliance support
-Automated calculations and payroll processing
-Self-service help center
APS PayrollRequest a quote-Cloud-based
-Unified system
-Error checks
-Shift differentials
-Export and import data
NetchexRequest a quote-Automated tax filing
-Support for multiple employment arrangements
-Pay card access
OnPay$40/mo. + $6/mo. per person-Mobile solution
-Accuracy guarantee
-Custom reporting
GustoStarting at $40/mo. + $6/mo. per person-Unlimited payroll runs
-Automatic tax calculation and filing
-Multiple software integrations
isolvedRequest a quote-Automation-Reporting
-Employee self-service
-Contact account manager
Workday HCMRequest a quote-Global payroll
-Compliance dashboard
-Continuous payroll processing
-Access support via account

Top 10 payroll software for healthcare

Healthcare facilities need access to robust tools that simplify payroll without compromising on security and compliance. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 healthcare payroll solutions to help you accomplish that goal.

1. When I Work

Rating: 4.3/5 (G2)

  • Single-click payroll 
  • No need for timesheet syncing
  • Labor cost intelligence
  • Multi-jurisdiction support
  • Quickbooks integration

As a full-service payroll software, When I Work combines employee scheduling, time tracking, and payroll into one convenient solution. It then automates the entire process so that tedious tasks—like tax and overtime calculations, reconciling time clock data, and multi-location processing—can be done in a single click. This automation is great for multi-jurisdictional practices and hospitals. 

Additionally, When I Work gives you access to labor cost data and insights, which helps you keep healthcare costs down and pass on savings to patients. When healthcare workers do work overtime, the team messaging feature helps keep schedules balanced, while the auto-blended overtime feature calculates different rates for accurate compensation.

Quickbooks integrations ensure all platforms are on the same page. This improves both finance team collaboration and regulatory compliance across the board. 

2. Paycor

  • Automated processing
  • Compliance updates
  • Employee self-service via mobile app

With Paycor, HR professionals can schedule payroll to run without logging in and use automatic deductions to keep manual calculations to a minimum. Compliance features keep up with changing regulations and provide users with alerts and warnings. 

An employee self-service mobile app provides access to on-demand pay, financial wellness tools, and paystub previews. Despite these convenience features, many experience technical issues and report a lack of a user-friendly interface.

3. UKG

  • Automated workflows
  • Monitor pay trends
  • Earned wage access

UKG is focused on putting people at the center of everything—including payroll. The software allows your team to tailor and automate payroll workflows without compromising on compliance. Though many complain of a slow and clunky interface, employees can access important payroll features and information, such as earnings projections and early access to pay.

4. HR for Health

  • Two-click payroll processing
  • Integrated time clock
  • Expert compliance help

HR for Health aims to help HR teams take care of payroll quickly by integrating time clock and benefits information and automating all calculations to reduce human errors. 

The HR for Health team also provides automatic employment law updates (though some users report that this does not work for all states, so make sure to double-check) and access to human support to help you avoid compliance risk exposure.

5. APS Payroll

  • Automatic error checking
  • Advanced controls
  • Imports and exports

APS provides a unified cloud-based payroll system to automate processes. With the APS tax team acting as the reporting agent, the company guarantees compliance, accuracy, and timeliness in all tax filings. 

Automatic error checks ensure time tracking and shift differentials are properly calculated, though users do report that not all calculations are available for this feature. Use the reporting feature to compare data or make adjustments, and export and import data as needed to and from other programs with protection on par with SOC 1 Type 2 standards.

6. Netchex

  • Flexible pay options
  • Automated tax filing
  • Part of a full, integrated system

Netchex considers itself a full payroll and tax solution. Though support can sometimes be lacking, the company promises accuracy and compliance with its automated tax filing and reporting. 

The software allows for paying employees in multiple types of employment arrangements (e.g., contract, part-time, and salaried) at once through direct deposit, checks, and pay cards. It offers cross-functionality with other Netchex offerings, including time and attendance and benefits administration.

7. OnPay

  • Mobile payroll runs
  • Guaranteed tax calculations
  • Custom reports

OnPay allows HR professionals to run payroll with multiple pay rates, schedules, and pay methods all at once without being tied down to a desk. The platform integrates with many other popular HR software solutions and automatically files taxes to reduce manual tasks. 

Be aware that you may have to navigate some features without the help of customer support, as many say OnPay support is unhelpful.

8. Gusto

  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Syncs with other platforms
  • Automatic calculations and tax filings

Gusto runs payroll quickly. While it offers automatic calculations and tax filings, practitioners and business owners need to stay on top of their filing status, as some users have reported that Gusto has had issues with filing and paying their taxes on time.

The platform works with other Gusto software and integrates with other popular HR software. Employees can set up their own accounts to access their documents and financial wellness tools.

9. isolved

  • Multiple automation features
  • Reporting options
  • Employee self-service platform

Like other software options, isolved offers many automated features, including calculations, tax filing, tax payments, and updated compliance. See and solve potential errors and then process payroll in a few clicks (though some users report that processing is often a little more complex than this). 

The platform features in-depth reporting options and aims to help employees remain independent with self-service access for documentation, pay cards, and earned wages.

10. Workday HCM

  • Global payroll partner integrations
  • Compliance dashboard with automatic updates
  • Continuous payroll processing

Workday HCM aims to offer a unified system that continuously records and updates HR information in the payroll system so it’s always accurate. You can manage compliance with an integrated dashboard that automatically updates when regulatory changes arise. 

Be aware that you can pay employees in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and France through Workday. If you have employees anywhere else, you’ll have to use an integrated third-party provider.

Streamline your healthcare payroll process with When I Work

In comparison to other tools, When I Work provides faster payroll processing in an all-in-one platform that includes employee scheduling, time tracking, and team messaging features. The When I Work platform also gives unmatched insight into labor costs to help healthcare businesses maximize their budget while providing quality patient care. This is something most other software platforms can’t offer.

If you’re ready to take your healthcare practice or facility to the next level, When I Work can help you do it. Sign up for a free trial today and discover the difference.

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