The Year in Product

2016 was an exciting year at When I Work!

We out-grew our offices in St. Paul, MN. As a result, we moved to the other side of the Mississippi to our new offices in Minneapolis. But, the real news is the release of 26 major new features and product improvements!

10 New Features You May Have Missed from 2016:

  • Positions View provides another way to create, view, and manage the schedule, by position instead of by employee
  • WorkChat lets everyone send chat messages and pictures to everyone, giving you the ability to keep the team up-to-date on announcements, requests, and project status.
  • The updated Help Center gives all users a location to find help on all things When I Work. It’s also optimized for your mobile device for on-the-go assistance.
  • An improved Android App provides the same great experience iOS users have with a dashboard view that makes it easy to check the schedule, clock in for a shift and review request.
  • Get instant access to support, the Help center, and other resources from within the When I Work Web App with the new Sidebar.
  • The ADP Workforce Now integration lets When I Work Attendance customers send clock in/out information directly to ADP for finalizing payroll.
  • When I Work’s QuickBooks Desktop integration gives customers the ability to sync employee names and send timesheet information to QuickBooks for executing payroll.
  • We’ve unified Scheduling & Timeclock apps to enable employees to view their schedule and clock in while only having to use one app on Android and iOS.
  • Custom Timesheet export means you can export timesheets by Location, Job Site, Position, and/or Employee. Add an additional layer of granularity and customization to managing payroll.
  • The improved Employee Picker gives additional context when assigning a shift to an employee, like availability, overtime, and time off, making scheduling faster and more accurate (releasing to all users soon).

Everyone here at When I Work is focused on continuing to add new products and features in 2017, while increasing quality and support for customers. In the coming year, you can expect more improvements to how you manage and track your employee’s time, as well as new tools to help you better communicate with your team, analyze and report on your scheduling and attendance statistics, and integrate with other third-party systems.

2017 is going to be a big year at When I Work!

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